Regret, friend or foe?

Tonight I’m watching Flashdance of all things, taking me back to a simpler time and filling me with some, not a lot, just some, regret.  I find myself wanting to turn back the clock to go back and do all the things I longed to and was too afraid to.  I know, had I not taken the path I had, I’d not had the experiences I had, I’d not met the people I met, made the friends I have, blah, blah, blah…

Regret has become my friend, as has misery.  I don’t share this to say “poor me”, I say this as a realization, that we need to acknowledge the regrets and miseries.  We need to see these things and know that we no longer need to make the child within us happy.  I’m still trying to grasp that concept, obviously.


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