To Date or Not To Date? That is the Question…

I know, I know… it’s not even a month since I swore I’d not date until November 2011, but I was on this dating site, a free one, kind of forgot I was even on it.  All of a sudden I started getting all sorts of hits.  Messages like, “So and So wants to meet you” or “You have a message from So and So…”, well there were a couple that really intrigued me and I was compelled to answer them.  I mean they were so funny, so witty, both had such a way with words.  So, alas,  I answered them.  Were they sincere?  I don’t know.  But they both sounded very interesting, one is on a project down south so I’m not sure about him.  But the other, well he was just so colorful in his message, I couldn’t resist.  Both were utterly enjoyable, not like anyone I had ever encountered before.  Could it be that things are finally changing?  It’s possible, right?  Oh, I’m hopeless (or hopeful).

Just because I’m meeting someone doesn’t necessarily mean anything.  I mean, two people can have a completely wonderful friendship without the sex or any of the committed seriousness, right?  Of course right…  Anyway, I’m planning on meeting them, at least for a coffee or a drink so we can chat, who knows, I might find my next friend or job (I just might need one… but that’s another story)


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