New Year; new me? Certainly doesn’t feel that way…

I realize that we are of the mindset of a “new year and a new you!”  However, I’m really feeling more like the old me, which isn’t all that bad.  It has been approximately a year and a  half since I’ve left my husband and I’m finally feeling like my old self (the old self “pre marriage”).

I’ve heard the comments; comments like, “she’s looking so much better, much more like her old self.” Or there is always the “you look so rested” comment, one that’s always a welcomed, as opposed to the contrary…  Yep, I’ve been feeling more and more like my old self, (crazy, funny and sassy!).

I’ve decided to participate in more of what I use to do.  Some of which includes participating in the local theatre and  singing at a local pub.  Nothing fancy really,just some local talent getting together to sing and play music (ha! listen to me!  Including myself with the reference!).   At any rate, I’m happy to finally start back on a journey I abandoned so long ago and can say that I’m happy, truly.  I will admit I am lonely.  However, to be lonely and alone is so much better than in the company of someone else.

New year, new me? Perhaps.  How about this; new year and a revived me?  Still doesn’t quite have a ring to it, but it’s close…  Any better ideas I’d love to hear them…


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