Another day in the journey…


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I got my audition notice for the local theatre the other day.  I’m gonna do it!  I was pretty good back in the day… who am I kidding?  I was DAMN good; I was GREAT!  (FUCKING GREAT!)  I truly can’t wait for the thrill of reading again and just to audition.

It’s all so interesting; the audition is the day before my bankruptcy hearing.  Hmmm, wonder what that’s telling me?  It’s all a “do over” for me now.  I’m starting over; a brand new me, a brand new everything.  Work has been a bit stressful, they are making some pretty ridiculous demands.  I’m not sure what that’s about.  Only know that there must be a reason I’m in the same situation I was in several years ago (seem to find myself around the same type of people… DRUNKS!).  So, I guess that’s telling me to start taking care of myself and to stop the insensate worry about “fixing” anybody else.  Or the worry about what others might say or do about or to me.  Their opinion of me is none of my business, after all. Yea, I like that.


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