Step Two – I DID IT!

Step 2 – Mission accomplished.  My mission was to sing solo again.  One of the goals when I left my husband was to start on my dreams that I deserted when I became a ‘Mrs.’ and I did it.  I started on my first dream, well, I sang in an ‘Open Mic” night at a local establishment.  It’s quite a friendly atmosphere, only I choked.  I managed to actually finish the set and finished the songs.  But I, who happens to have a wonderful voice by the way (people have said it sounds like ‘butta’), sounded screechy.  It was horrible, my once velvety voice, betrayed me!

But by the second song I was in a more comfortable range, I was no longer feeling quite so scared, I pulled up a stool and sat (big difference), and did a bit better; also, the song was more my style  (another big difference).  So, what I’m taking from all this is that I did it.  I got over the hardest of hurdles.  I got out of my own way.

My friend and I are going to go over more songs and will have more time to rehearse.  Hey, live and learn.  In the meantime, I have a notice to audition for a local playhouse and I’ve found a monologue and will be preparing for that.  I’m liking this journey to finding me.

My friends?  Not exactly exuding the support that I had hoped for.  My one friend’s statement? “Well, at least you did it.”  That’s what you say to someone who just performed?  Can’t you fib a little?  Can’t you at least say “Oh, you were wonderful.”  I mean, what would Miss Manners have to say?

Ah, well, I can’t hold the comment against her.  She is who she is and she is a wonderful friend.  Just extremely honest.  So, when I do do a wonderful performance?  At least I’ll know she’s telling the truth (ha!).  I’ve learned to not take so much so seriously.  Who the hell is anybody anyway, and what is there opinion?  It’s their opinion!  And you know what they say about those, they are like ass holes, and everybody has one.

No, I’m proud of myself, I’m proud that I’ve done this and started this journey.  Who else can say that?  Psha!


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