Crankiness; it’s good for the soul. Or is it?

I was checking out my bank account today and found that they dinged me $5.00 in December AND January for being under the minimum limit.  Something that I was ‘under’ for only a day mind you.  I came unglued!  (and quite cranky).  Heaven help the agent who helped me.

“Haven’t you banks taken enough?”, I asked.  And proceeded to inform her that I wished to close my account.  I know that this was only five dollars and times two that’s ten dollars.  But, hey; that adds up!  So, I got quite cross with the poor girl (wasn’t her fault).

I got to thinking about my ‘crankiness’ and how it is that it has crept up on me (ever so much more than before).  I’m so quick to defend myself against… whomever… and about whatever.  I just feel as if I’ve taken guff from so many people for so long that I just can’t take it ANYMORE.  Can anyone else relate?  Is this just a phase that will soon mellow out and calm?

Part of me enjoys the ‘sassiness’ of speaking my mind.  But I honestly feel like one of those cards.  You know the ones I mean, with the old lady on the cover who always has some sarcastic saying?  Sure she’s funny, on the card!  But to live and work with her?  Somehowmaxine.jpg I don’t think she would ring in any praises.

So, how do I rid myself of the ‘evils’ of the ‘Cranky Bug’ (there is another adjective that comes to mind… but I am trying to clean up my potty mouth) once and for all?  Maybe it’s a part of me that I want to keep in my back pocket and just pull out on those special occasions when I really need to wreak havoc on someone who is doing me or someone I love wrong.

They say that the key to happiness is to choose your battles and that the ‘true’ key is to not have any battles at all.  That we should simply not fight this current we call ‘Life’ and to simply flow with it (go with ‘the flow’).  We’d be much happier.  Or would we?

I don’t know about you, but there is a certain feeling of triumph I feel when I’ve won an argument (battle); something that I know in my soul is right.  Like when a corporation has taken unfair advantage in some way, or when a hospital has incorrectly billed thousands and you’ve had to move heaven and earth to prove their mistake.  There is a certain triumph in that.  But to take out my aggravation on a poor defenseless customer service agent because her company has put in a policy of charging me a service fee, I must admit, that was pretty bad.  [sorry little customer service agent] Or to take our frustrations out on anyone, simply because we are unhappy, while completely human, is truly not fair to them.

Yep, though some crankiness can be good, we really need to take heed and listen to ourselves and sometimes give ourselves an ‘attitude adjustment’.  Those that we speak with  are not the same people that treated us so unfairly to begin with; they may only be the messenger or they might be an innocent bystander all together.

I looked up ‘cranky’ in the Thesaurus and saw the word ‘character’ (among others).  So instead of ‘cranky’, how about we say “a little ‘character’ is good for the soul…”  Yea, I like that much better.  I’m sassy and have LOTS and lots of ‘character… look out world!


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