“Change.” Must be right, it’s in the cards…

Tarot cards.

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According to the tarot, I’m ‘in between’ relationships.  Meaning, I’m in between some friendships and romances (well that we already knew…).  Change; this is something that I’ve never, NEVER been comfortable with.  If it were up to me, I would have all those that I love live forever, never move away, stay healthy and never ever change.

Well, I guess that could be a bit boring, for it is the changes of life that gives life its spice.  It is out of the sorrows that we find our joys that much sweeter.  Have you ever eaten melon with a bit of salt on it?  The salt seems to bring out the sweetness of the melon all the more.  The same goes for the challenges or down times of our lives, if we allow ourselves to look at it that way and get outside of our own ‘pity party’ long enough.

I’ve been feeling a bit sorry for myself lately; no friends (or so I think…).  Then I make my lists of all the people in my life and all of those that are still around and those that still grace me with phone calls and cards.  Sure, they aren’t necessarily at my ‘beck and call’ but, they are in my life and are available and most certainly, are my friends.

There are a few however, that are on the way out and I’m sorry about that.  But, when I really stop to think about it, they are having their own ‘pity party’ of sorts and have chosen to move along in their life without me.  And that’s fine.  This is that part of life that we call change; people come in and they go.  They grace us, sometimes only for a short while and sometimes for our whole lifetime; but usually always they make some sort of impact on us one way or the other.

So I guess I’m in the midst of change; the cards said it.  Actually I am in the midst of a great deal of change and I hate it, but I’m learning to live with it.  For what other choice do I have really?  The cards also say ‘blessing are not far behind’, hmm…  I could go for that.


2 thoughts on ““Change.” Must be right, it’s in the cards…

  1. I make those kinds of lists too. I also make lists of the people that I’ve pissed off 🙂 I prefer making the one with my friends on it though. As we grow older our circle of friends grows smaller. Find a few folks that make you truly happy and spend your time with them. That’s what I’ve decided to do.

    I love your writing.

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