Pardon me for not having a penis… but have you seen yours lately?

Stop the Pissing Contest!

Image by cobalt123 via Flickr

OMG, the testosterone that I must deal with on a daily basis!  It is everything I have in me to just keep from biting my tongue clean off.  To be able to simply say, “pardon me for NOT having a penis, but have you even seen yours lately?”  Oh my God!  Some of the men I deal with; it’s as if they can’t live unless they have a ‘pissing contest’ at least once a day.

I mean, seriously, really?  Have we come so far in the ‘war of the sexes’ that we must revert back to that?  Ok; I’ll give.  I’ll just take myself down to the hardware store and purchase a funnel with a nice long hose and indulge you.  And dollars for donuts, I’ll beat you at your own game, Mr Man because that is what we women must do, we have to be resourceful.  I can piss my name in the snow with the best of them (I just prefer not to).

I mean really!  Makes me grateful I’ve made that pack with myself.  You remember the one?  Where I’ve sworn off relationships for a year?  Yea, after the past few weeks in ‘testosterone City’, I could use a strong dose of estrogen!  What is it about most men (notice I didn’t say ALL men?  I’d never say or ask that…) that they seem so threatened by the strength and intelligence of a woman their dicks go limp at the sight of her?

Sorry guys, but you know it’s true (not for all, but seriously there are a good many out there).  For this girl it is extremely frustrating.  Well, has been, that is until I decided to find the humor in the situation.  It is actually empowering in a way to watch.  When you look at it that way, the power we females actually hold by merely being intelligent and quick-witted, while holding the ability to think on our feet; it’s all quite humorous to see the males of our species squirm (those that are, you know, the types that still feel we females should be in the home… oh, brother!).

So my journey continues and with each step I am liking the girl in the mirror more and more.  I can laugh at the situations with more ease; yea, I’m laughing on a daily basis now (as opposed to just six months ago… what a difference huh?).  God, thank you for this gift and this journey.  It is helping me to find my humor, which is my strength, my power.

Yep, I can piss with the BIG BOYS… just prefer to sit like a lady… and laugh, laugh, laugh!!!


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