Who’s Gonna Make it After All? Me… I am… that’s right!

First scene of the The Mary Tyler Moore Show o...

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Some days you just gotta say “all is right with the world.”  Well I am having just one of those days.  Business is booming, everything seems to be going my way and I’m LOVING it!  Its days like this where I could swear I hear my theme song playing in the background.  You know the one I’m thinking of… ‘you’ve come a long way after all…’ from The Mary Tyler Moore Show’; God does that bring back memories.

I always wanted to be like her when I grew up, right down to the apartment (the cute one in the older episodes… not the newer one that she moves to later…).  She really had it together.  Always had everything in it’s place.  But life isn’t TV as we are so often reminded and thank GOD!

But, occasionally I imagine that song playing as I drive or walk down the street (especially when I’m feeling as on top of the world as I do today).  I mean, it’s not gonna hurt anyone… besides, it does give a little lift in my step and a glint in my eye and a certain mystery (makes people wonder…).

Yea, I’m finally feeling in my own, both at work and at home.  I LOVE days like today and I just had to share, that’s all.  I guess ‘I’m gonna make it after all’.


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