‘Lonely’ or ‘Alone’; it’s difficult to figure which of these two I’m feeling.

Alone in a Crowd

Image by Covet Chicago via Flickr

“Lonely’ or ‘alone’, both seem the same, but are very different.  For instance, you can be alone and be perfectly content.  Or you can be with a crowd of people and feel lonely.  One thing is for sure, I really need to do something about this.  The days of my life are the same; I wake up (alone), go to work, come home to my bird (Frank) chat with him (now that should say it all… my conversations are with a cockatiel), and go to bed (alone).  And I have this strange feeling, it’s not necessarily ‘loneliness’; no.  But I can’t help but feel there is something more I can be doing with myself.

There is a project that I want to start (a couple of them), but I can’t seem to get the motivation.  Now, that’s not entirely true, I think I’m overwhelmed (just don’t know where to start).  Still thinking it would be nice to finally meet that ‘special’ person, to have someone to chat with, laugh and joke with.  But the more I think it about it the more I realize I need to bury myself in my projects.

I have some really great ideas.  One is a short term (one night affair), where the other is an actual business; a non-profit.  I think it’s high time I stop feeling sorry for myself and throw myself into public service.  I’m still singing, although I haven’t done so in a few weeks and am anxious to get back to it.

My mother always said that there is no better way to get your mind off your own troubles than by serving others and keeping your mind on other activities.  So, here I go.  I’ll make my plans for the concert for 2012 and for my non-profit debut in 2013.  No time like the present, as my mother would say.

I’m not necessarily ‘lonely’ all the time, just some of it.  I look forward to my future and to whomever I meet there.  I know they will be exceptional indeed.


3 thoughts on “‘Lonely’ or ‘Alone’; it’s difficult to figure which of these two I’m feeling.

  1. One step at a time. One task at a time. Start your projects. Focus on that and all the rest will fall into place.

  2. It is true, keeping busy helps withing keeping stuff off your mind. That was the advice I’ve been getting and as long as I find myself preoccupied not only do I feel good but my mind also feels at peace =)

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