I’m proud to be a cougar; but when you look at me like Grandma Moses; Yikes!

Puma, Belgrade Zoo

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I was talking with a man I work with who dates a woman many years his junior.  He’s very proud of that fact; so much so, that he proceeded to tell me “I run 10 miles a day just so I can keep up and not have to date someone ‘older'”,  like me.  Now, this ‘young pup’ is only 3 or 4 years younger than me; does that REALLY make me a cougar? (in his world anyway?).  I wonder.

Just how young is this girl he’s dating anyway?  5, 10 years younger?  Who does he think he’s fooling?  Don’t you men realize that eventually your gonna need that little blue pill to get your plumbing working?  You’re not going to be able to keep up (you know that don’t you?).  The main reason being that women start getting at their peek much later than men (say in their 30’s and 40’s?); so you’re just wasting your time.  If you are, in fact, with someone that much younger than yourself; chances are she’s just faking.  By the time she is interested (should she stick around that long), the romance will have long faded and you will be wondering just what did you have in common? (answer: sex…)

On the other hand, we ‘cougars’ are ripe for the picking.  We know what we want, have no problem with showing what we want or expressing it.  And we have very few (if any) inhibitions, and we will know immediately if there is or is not anything in common.  So you won’t have to waste your time.  We love to talk about everything (or nothing… depending on the mood).

In the final analysis, I’m proud to be a cougar (if that is in fact what I am).  Just sorry some ‘young pups’ are so slow to find that the fruit that is ripe, may appear to be old and wrinkled, but it’s very sweet and very tasty indeed; and is ready for the picking.

Grandma Moses?  No, not by a long shot;  take your lil youngster.  I’m a Cougar and proud.   Grrrowwww!


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