And the Award goes to? Finding Ann McGregor!

Thank you to madelinelaughs and Spread Information for this write-up and award.  I’m humbled and grateful. She wrote, “Finding Ann MacGregor is a woman’s journey to finding herself. In her travels she has helped us find a little bit of ourselves too. Thank you for writing so eloquently about your life and your trials. We applaud your transparency. To her we award the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award because she tugs our heart strings when she speaks.”

This is all still so new to me and I simply speak my mind and from my heart.  But if what I see, speak and feel can help others or at least give them a laugh (or a cry… you know how much I love that at times), then I guess I’m doing my job.

That said and as I understand it, there are steps to be taken. Which I will take. Now.

Step 1: Thank and link the person that nominated you.

Thank you madelinelaughs at  this was a wonderful surprise and honor; especially for someone so new and so young (in the literary sense).

Step 2: Share seven random facts about yourself..

  1. I love the smell of cotton.  Fresh cotton.  This comes from when I was a girl and my mother used to make my dresses.  Cotton was sturdy (and cheap) and I can remember going to sleep to the sound of the sewing machine, only to find a fresh new dress hanging on my closet door.  Oh, how wonderful it smelled!
  2. I Love, LOVE to cry… at movies (fyi-with friends I make it a rule that no one is allowed to cry alone in my presence).  I love it so much that I make an appointment with myself if too much time has gone by.  I just pop in a good chick flick and away they roll.  It was such a phenomenon that my exhusband would judge the quality of a movie by how many times I cried (was that a ‘two tear’ or a ‘ three tear’ Sweetie?).  Yep, I LOVE crying… at movies that is.  “Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion” is my favorite line from Steele Magnolia’s and it describes me to a tee.
  3. When I was a girl, I wanted pierced ears so badly that I used to glue beads to my ear lobes.  And… because that wasn’t realistic enough, I would take twine, tie it in a knot, cut out the knot and glue the knot onto the back of my ear.  You know, in case people could see the back of my ears when my hair was pulled back! (there had to be a backside, gees!)
  4. My favorite snack is raw potatoes, sliced with a little salt… try it, you just might like it.
  5. Even in my ripe old age (oh no… I’m not tellin’ that…) I LOVE to swing.  No, not swing as in ‘swinging’ like swapping keys or wives, but the kind you find in a park.  I will go to the school up the street after dark and swing for hours on end.
  6. My favorite body of water is the river.  I’m actually not sure you can call this a body of water, but I love rivers more than the ocean, a lake or the sea.  I don’t really know why.  There is something that is so serene about the rambling of the water and knowing that it’s going somewhere, it’s moving.  Ahhh…. I just love it!
  7. I’m dyslexic, never liked school.  But finally got my degree in 2005.

Step 3: Pass the award along to 5 deserving blogging buddies.

  1. I found the most delightful and innocent blog in Daily Life Notes that I just had to subscribe.  I wish give you this award and to pass on this honored tradition as you have a way and a style.  Keep it up, there is much you can teach and isn’t that half the fun of this anyway?  Simply delightful, irresistible and well deserved.
  2. I read you on Freshly Pressed once, and subscribed! Zoe Says, I’ve chosen you because you have a way of writing that puts things in a light and humorous way.  Always enjoy reading and although you are more varied you certainly have an irresistible quality about you that compels your readers to stop in and leaves us wanting more.
  3. One of the first blogs I came across when I started this whole ‘blogging’ thing was They Call Me Jane.  Reading your posts, I find you deserving of this award.  You too are endearing with your writing of daily life making us laugh with you and at ourselves!
  4. Another blog I read and think deserves this award is The Private Man.  I’m sorry, it is not meant to emasculate you with the strawberries and the pink.  However,  I can’t help but think how sweet you are, going on that date, knowing how disastrous it could be, I don’t know if I would have the same courage.  I must say, it is a pleasure to read your blog and to finally get the guys perspective.  Thank you for your wit and humor and honesty.
  5. And thank you for the escape in your quest of 30 Movies in 30 Days Polite and (Paranoid).  Your reviews are witty and humorous, while giving us a better look at you.

4. Contact those buddies to congratulate them.

There truly are so many wonderful bloggers/writers on this site, it has been a treat to explore and I am privileged to be among their company.


5 thoughts on “And the Award goes to? Finding Ann McGregor!

  1. Thank you for thinking of me! I’m touched and honored. And here’s to swinging! One of my favorite things to do when I take my kids to the park. They think I’m a nut, but I don’t care!

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