Well, at least my apartment is clean; so who’s ready for a visit?

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With all this time I’ve had, my apartment is clean.  I’ve been able to go through the boxes, clear out the stuff and put it into the storage closet down stairs.  I even have a desk and a futon in what is now my office.  So, now what?

It’s just me and my cockatiel; and though he talks, his speech is limited to “pretty bird” and the cat call (kind of a conversation breaker).  I need visitors or something, I’m going stir crazy!  I think it’s about that time when I need to have a social/dating life;  I am truly going out of my mind.  I mean there is only so much time one can plan and work that plan (right? Of course right!).  So, once I get back from my trip, I intend to do… something.   Just not sure what exactly.

As you know, I don’t really like the idea of on-line dating (really creeps me out), and I’m not brave enough to just call someone (besides; who would I call?).  I don’t know.  ‘Universe DO you hear me?  It’s Ann, I’m talking to you!’  Now, in a few weeks I will be quite busy with some family needs.  One of my family members will be having surgery and I will most likely be moving in with her.  And, though I know how hard this surgery is for her, I’m honestly welcoming the diversion; it will be good to concentrate on someone else for a change.  It’s always a good feeliing to be needed and I enjoy keeping busy cooking and cleaning (especially cooking; LOVE that… when it’s for other’s).

So, maybe that’s my answer.  Volunteering for an organization where I can actually DO something for people in the community a few hours out of my week.  It’s not that I need to ‘fill’ my time; it’s just that there is something very soothing when you’re helping someone else.  By George; I just got the answer!  Just now; I’ll go back to the retirement/memory care center that cared for my mother…

I enjoyed the staff there and, when I sang with my quartet, they would let us actually hold our rehearsals there.  It was good, they thought, for the residents to have and hear the activity.  So; I think I have my answer (well part of it anyway).

This still won’t help my social problem.  I’m still feeling a bit ‘friendless’.  There has been some large changes in my life and with those changes, some friends have moved, or just dropped away.  That happens.  So I wonder how the great women of the past did it?  Well, they read and wrote letters; gardened, sewed.

I blog, read, sing, work… You know, 21st century stuff.  I don’t have a garden, so can’t grow any vegetables and wear funny hats (well, I guess I can wear the funny hats 🙂 ). I’m just going to have to wait this out.  Continue to focus my energy.  Stop trying so hard and let whatever happens happen.  Perhaps I should take my cue from Women Wielding Words and take this journey one step at a time.  I know, I know; it’s so easy (it should be).  So why, oh why do I make this so hard?

Perhaps that is part of my journey too.  The learning to ‘go with the flow’ and accept and learn from the experiences that happen without trying to control each and every experience (and every step).

I’d still like to have a dinner party… anyone game?


2 thoughts on “Well, at least my apartment is clean; so who’s ready for a visit?

  1. While I don’t know that I am the best person to follow, I think the answers you seek do lie with going with the flow, but also giving yourself permission to take care of yourself first. I think this post is riddled with answers actually
    1) volunteer to help others a few hours a week
    2) you mentioned a quartet. What happened to it? If it doesn’t exist, find another one. Or start another one.
    3) I think you need to get out there and try something new. Take a class in something you’ve always been interested in doing. Go out dancing. Join a bird watching group. Do anything that will get you out there meeting people, male and female, and then trust that the rest will come.
    4) Have that dinner party! I’d come if I could.

    • Thank you for the comments… as for the quartet; as much as I enjoyed it and them, we broke up and I moved on. I am performing (still singing actually, but solo) around my local area and having a blast. But you are right, I just need to get out there. I’ve joined a local theatre group and LOVE it! I know that all will happen in time.

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