The lessons never stop (thank Goodness!)

Family crest

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I just came out of a really tough week (really tough) and was able, though, to end it with family (distant family, but family all the same).  For almost 40 years, I never had the pleasure of knowing these wonderful people.  But I’ve come to love these people through the years as if I’ve known them my whole life.  It is an interesting thing, heritage or lineage; we come from the same line and, though raised by different parents and in different communities and in different parts of the country, we truly do hold much more in common than not.

This was my fathers side of the family and on that side of the family, we have my grandmothers side who date back to 1634!  And then you have my grandfathers side who, well… we’re still working on that.  We’re a bit stuck as we came to a point and have not been able to get past one generation.  But, have no fear; my cousin is so engrossed in genealogy, I’m sure she’ll crack that nut sooner rather than later.

On Saturday, I sat and watched as all of us were talking, the young with the old, and there were differences; certainly.  But you could definitely tell that the same blood ran through our veins.  Just in the way we spoke, smiled and laughed; we all love to tell a tall tale.  We all love to laugh (I mean REALLY laugh).  And we all love FAMILY. I don’t think there could be a single thing that someone would need and be refused. (truly great people… ALL OF THEM!)

Some might say that the love of ‘family’ well, that’s a given.  Not necessarily.  I know a great many friends who haven’t spoken to their siblings in years.  Or who don’t even call their parents, let alone visit them.  Now, this isn’t a ‘judgement’ it’s just stating a fact.

And the fact is, regardless of my week and how the ‘outside’ world might try to make me feel inadequate; a ‘LOSER’.  I am truly blessed and quite possibly richer than most people could ever dream.  My cousin said it best, “to be happy in the now, with what you are doing in the now is the way to live.”  Now she was paraphrasing… someone; but you get my drift.

I’m not sure of my future or what I’ll do to put food on the table; however, I do know that somehow, and with some faith, all will work out.  There are a great many possibilities flowing in my direction, and with my support system (growing by the miles…); how I can go wrong?

It always boils down to that, doesn’t it? ‘Walking in faith’; whether you’re a religious person or not, you need to have some assurance that all will work itself out.  For tomorrow the sun will rise and the earth will still turn (if it doesn’t, well no worries then).  Sometimes we merely need to remain still, take in all that is around us, and let the answers flow in.

As for me, I don’t need to make any decisions today, this minute.  What I do need is time to heal, patch myself back together.  As I do, I am reminded that the lessons just keep coming; and you know something?  Thank Goodness they do!


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