The luck of the Stupid, the luck of the draw (or was it?)


Image by Mark Donovan Vancouver via Flickr

As I was saying, I’ve come off of an extremely bad week where I literally thought I was losing my mind.  Once again, I found myself in a situation where I had given over the power of my own sanity/happiness to another (in this case, my employer).  I mean, these people have no scruples.  Well, to say that is the  understatement of the century.

Just when I thought they had hit the all time low of the Ethics Trail, they would bring out a jack hammer and blow out a few more inches.  What I witnessed was by far too ridiculous and too horrid to fathom.  Never in my career have I worked for such a place where they would change a commission structure the day of payday and you find out you are out a couple grand.  They were messing with people’s lives and their livelihood and could have cared less.  The stories I could tell you; well, let’s just say, you can’t make this stuff up!

My question is; when does a body say ENOUGH!?  When (if at all) is it ok for an employer to expect their employees to just roll over and take it; for the price of the paycheck?  At what price is it worth it?  It is companies like this one that really should be named one of the mysteries of the world because you have to wonder; why are they successful and how is it that they have managed maintain their success?  I guess but for the grace of God (or a deal with Satin himself) they are. 

I do think it has less to do with the grace of God and more to do with sheer luck (that or stupidity) that they are able to hang on to their success.  And so they continue treating people, their staff, their independent sales force as if they are pons in a game of chess (or checkers on a game board).  With no more of a thought to their well-being than that of a spider they would step on or squash.  

Now with their staff, if only it were that easy; they would gladly take a newspaper and ‘BLAM!’  Hit the poor bastard dead.  Better that than to pay them what they earned; just because.  While the owner prances around spewing out his talk of “sell, sell, sell,” and “customer service”; just like the character in that book The Emperor Has No Clothes.  He continues to go around talking the game while everyone stands by in awe and agreement telling him how brilliant he is; without a word of how things really are ‘out there’.

Yep, this is the company I work for.  And they have now placed the sites of their weapons on me, as if to blackmail me to succumb to their unprofessionalism or they will continue to chip away at my sanity and self-confidence.  Making me feel that what I want to accomplish is ridiculous, small and insignificant.  Silly things like: communication and improved customer service; the kind of customer service that would bring our company to the top of the chart (insignificant). 

What I wanted was to bring both sales and corporate together, so we could work together (gee what a concept) and service our clients.  Instead, what they wanted was to pit us against each other, thinking that that would bring in more sales; forgetting the big picture.  The ‘Big Picture’ being that anyone can sell the product; but not everyone is servicing that product.  Not everyone takes the care to service those customers (those continuing clients).

No, these are men who have no concept outside their greedy little fingers and their sick little game.  For whatever reason they love (LOVE!) to watch everyone squirm.  I sound cynical do I?  Truth be told (and it was to me) that It actually makes their day!  That my friends does not a manager make.  That is not an entrepreneur.  That my dear friends; is a sadist.

So now what?  I continue on my trek, start to patch what is left of my dignity, my sanity, my self-confidence back together.  I feel as if I’ve been in a war zone; in battle.  As if I’ve watched my buddies get blasted around me and just when it appeared to be safe to come out, BAM!  More bombs were dropped with more casualties.   Then it might just feel safe again and BAM! (and so on…)

I was safe, for a while.  But that safety would soon end for with people like these it is all about control.  They are stupid and arrogant and that my friends is a dangerous combination.  I say this because I have worked with it for many, many, many months and endured it for far too long.  And with each month, with each week, there was a battle of some sort.

Not a battle of my choosing, but a battle of Intellect v. Stupidity.  Yes my friends, it wasn’t pretty and ‘Stupid’ won.  It seems to be winning everywhere we go these days; but that’s a story for another time.

I still consider myself extremely blessed and lucky as I have a chance to find what it is that I want.  Just another process in the day in to the life…  It’ll happen, I just need some time.  What I have learned (finally!) is that I must place a guard around myself; not a huge wall with barbed wire, but a boundary.  I’ll not let this sort of thing happen again.  Stupid will not win, not in my world anyway.


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