One step at a time… and with each step each stone appears.

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They call it ‘walking in faith’ to place one foot out, not knowing exactly where or when it will land; but there by the grace of God appears a stepping stone.  That is how it has been these past few days and will continue to be for a while at least.  And so I continue to step, and with each step, I drop my foot down with faith that their will be a place to put it.

Some amazing things have been happening to me:  I have been meeting some pretty incredible people (I’ve also been reintroduced to some great friends and am getting to know my neighbors); I might have a ‘gig’ that will actually pay me to perform at a local place and I just might have a date with someone who seems to be pretty wonderful (well the conversation was anyway).  All in all not so bad.

I will admit, there are those times of doubt.  Questions like:  What about the rent?  The utilities?  The bills?  What am I doing, am I nuts? (well… yes… story for another time).  But then I remind myself why I’m on this quest; to heal.  I’ve been through quite an ordeal for quite some time.  And, so, it will take me some time to get back.

I don’t have to make any decisions today.  All in good time.  So, I continue to breathe, and take this journey one step at a time.  Walking in the faith that with each step a stone will appear.


2 thoughts on “One step at a time… and with each step each stone appears.

  1. My friend, know that there is always Hope. Know that as far as the east is from the west, Jesus spread His arms out and says, “I love you this much.” My friend, where ever you are at– know that all is not lost. My friend, know that as you take each step in faith– God steps out and takes 99. If we will just take one each day and follow as He leads, then He will shine His light for you. Your step that you take may be unknow to you– but know that it isn’t to Him.
    Take care and know that you have a friend in Christ.

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