Walking; not just good for the waistline, it’s good for the imagination and soul.

Day 120: walking

Image by bookgrl via Flickr

With all that has happened over the past year; I’ve realized that I’ve not gone out for any exercise in at least that long (that’s no good).  In my defense I truly have had quite a bit on this plate of mine.  Finally, today  I was able to get on my walking shoes and out the door and into the neighborhood and do some serious walking.  So much to see, hear and drink in when you venture out in your sneakers.  Of course, I’ll be heading right back out the door as I was reminded that tonight is the night for our local Farmers Market (don’t want to miss that!).

But there is a silly thing that I like to do as I pass by the homes; I always like to imagine the families behind the doors.  What their lives are like, what they are like, the personalities and so on.  I also have what is referred to in our family as the ‘sickness’ that has been passed down from mother to daughters (we all have it).  You’ve heard how the Vampire only goes out after sundown?  Well, we MacGregor women all set out at dusk… That’s when we go out and walk and look to see how the neighbors have decorated their homes.  Yea, sounds bad huh?  But it is quite enjoyable and before ‘reality T.V.’ took off and became the norm (or was even thought of for that matter), I would get on my walking shoes and get my decorating ideas from my neighbors (literally).

It’s harmless, I assure you.  I love admiring the well groomed yards and, when at just the right time (dusk), where it’s still light enough for curtains to remain open, but dark enough for lights to come on, I really like to see how people have decorated the inside.  Now before you get too alarmed, I’m not stopping and peering in (though I’ve been tempted… some of these places are gorgeous!).  I’m merely walking by and soaking up the view.

But it occurred to me that while doing this, there’s something quite therapeutic in it.  It allows me to admire the beauty (obviously); but it also allows me to expand and dream about my own life (something I’ve denied myself for a while now).  I didn’t even really realize it until today.  I’ve been running from one thing to the next, spinning myself in circles.  This used to be one of my favorite activities (I told you, it’s a sickness…) and I’ve been so exhausted, so down, so filled with self pity that I’ve started to live like Miss Havisham.

Oh, I allowed myself some ‘me’ time (obviously) and that always constituted some daydreaming.  But, for whatever reason, getting out into the neighborhood and soaking in the sites was not on the radar, I was simply too tired or too busy.

My adventure today showed me men at the ballpark coaching the little boys for the upcoming game; a young mother was walking her twins in their stroller; I even got barked at by a young chocolate lab (just letting everyone know about the crazy lady looking over everything).  I will be heading back out for yet another adventure (a small one I assure you).

But, my sneakers will lead me to our little Main Street Farmers Market and to a whole host of food and people.  And hopefully, if I play my cards right, I’ll be walking back right around dusk.  I’m so excited and can’t stand it!  I think about this time last year and how heavy my heart was.

I can remember walking to the farmers market, this town seemed so foreign to me and all I could think of was my day to day and how I was going to get through each day.  My heart was so wounded still.  In spite of what has happened these past couple of weeks, I still feel so much better in my personal life and that I’m getting that much closer to knowing the girl in reflection.

Yea, walking is good for the heart, mind and soul.  (and the waistline can always use the benefit right?  Of course right… ).


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