On-Line Dating… and the rules continue on.

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This whole ‘on-line’ thing is starting to spook me a bit.  People are pretty peculiar.  Some border on rude at times.  ‘Rude’; now why would I put up with the ‘rude’ part?  I wrote this one guy (actually just showed that I was interested) and he wrote me, even sent the virtual gift.  At first it was just short and sweet ‘Hi’ emails.  Then he sends a note basically stating, ‘Beautiful pic…’, and he continues with, ‘so, tell me something about yourself that would make me want to pursue you…’

Uh… I thought that was the purpose of the profile.  Anyway, I indulged and replied; ‘Thank you for the complement, not sure what more I should tell you that isn’t already on my profile.  But I’ll give.  I like…” and ended with ‘what about you?’  He then replies, ‘well, at least I can spell.  Compliment is the word I believe you wanted to say.  You wrote complement which is a derivative of (blah, blah, blah) meaning to complement each other.’

Can you believe this?!  Had I known this was going to be a spelling exam…  So, I wrote back that if he was hoping to make an impression, he did (albeit a bad one).  To which he replies, ‘I simply don’t date unintelligent women… nothing personal, just a fact.’  I can’t believe what I’m reading… what an @#%&!  To which I replied something like, ‘that makes two of us and I can certainly see why you are alone… good luck with that.’

What a Jack!  A friend of mine advised that I should really give it to him with humor like, ‘what do you mean?  I finished the 1st grade…’  This continues on to my ‘Rules of On-Line Dating’; don’t correct people.  You don’t like what they said, or how they spell, their grammar?  Keep your mouth shut.  I mean, does the term “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say it at all” mean anything to anyone?    And for his information (not that it matters), I simply hit the ‘e’ instead of the ‘I’.  I mean, c’mon, look at the key board (it happens…).

I just don’t know, but am still out there, however am really tempted to hide my profile (just don’t know if it’s worth it).  We shall see, so much has changed in twenty years.  But that is the way of the world these days, isn’t it?  The web has made our world a much smaller place.  I remember the ‘love ads’ in the local paper. (Boy, have things changed.)

You can usually see the other person.  But, honestly who knows if it truly is that person?  There really isn’t any way of knowing, you just have to trust and be smart.  Don’t give your number out so freely either.  I learned that one.  But at least with the current technology, you can screen your calls.  It is just so weird out there.  Who knows?

And what ever happened to waiting for sex.  These days, men seem to think ‘I paid for dinner… don’t I deserve it?’  Well, for one thing, I don’t know where that’s  been, so no you don’t.  I didn’t use to be such a prude.  But times have changed and I choose not to be that ‘booty call’ ANYMORE.  You would think that they would be appreciative of that fact.  I mean, I am, after all, abstaining for their own good.  Heaven help any man that I do fall for; I tend to get a bit possessive (not like Play Misty for Me possessive…).  But, I have been known to be a bit jealous.  I know I know… I’m working on it.

My point being, once I go there, my heart gets in the way and I simply want to protect it for as long as I can.  Actually, this is true for most women I think.  We fall hard in the bedroom; something you guys don’t seem to understand.

So, looks like for the time being, it’s just going to be me and Frank (my cockatiel).  Even he gets possessive.  Should anyone come by, he starts ruffling his feathers, banging his beak on the cage (so jealous…).  Hark, I hear my ‘prince’ now… gotta run!


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