Thanksgiving; it’s all about being with people and sharing a meal. Isn’t it?

Thanksgiving Background

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Yesterday I spent a wonderful day with my sister’s friend’s family for the holiday.  How gracious they all were to have me invade their meal.  It is always interesting to me to see how other’s treat the holiday.  What traditions do they have?  Where did they come from?  Just the mere getting to know them and even just sitting silent and listening to the music of all the voices talking in all the rooms; that was truly a pleasure.

It gave me time to think about what I have to be thankful for.  I mean, look at me – my life – not a whole lot has been going on in my life as I planned lately and it would seem to the ‘on looker’ that my life is in somewhat of a downturn.  But I think not.  I have my family, my friend, I have my talents (voice, writing… however much I try), and I have my mind; my imagination.  I have my kindness, my goodness and let’s not forget  I have my laughter of which, I’m told, is infectious.  I have my creative (crafty) talents; these I got from my mother.  Something I am sure will help in the way of an extra money.

I just got a call from a friend (thought he wanted phone sex… sorry but I did), who just wanted to check in; he was concerned.  We got to talking, I started telling him about the last couple of months, I started crying (I’m such a ball baby) and he listened patiently with a caring ear.  How wonderful!  You truly never know who your friends are.  This was a guy I dated for only a short, short time.  But, I must say he is the one guy that when I look at him, my eyes are suddenly quenched.  I’m calm, I’m comfortable.  Our lives weave in and out but I feel so completely comfortable with him.  He is a friend that I am truly grateful at this moment in time.

There are many things (non-monetary things) to be thankful for if only we take the time to take stock.  But, then again, not so many are as lucky.  Many are alone in this world.  I bet that there were many yesterday, not homeless mind you, who ate in front of the television alone because they had nobody to enjoy a meal with.  There are many people who have friends and family that they’ve lost, either through death or just with life.  I’m not sure what’s worst, feeling alone with all around you who are willing to help, or feeling alone by default of being ALONE.  It may seem that it is the obvious (the being ALONE), but sometimes, being alone in a crowded room can be the worst feeling in the world.

I, for one, have a wonderful imagination and can makeup conversation as I go.  But to not have anyone on this earth who know you.  No one who knew you as a child, knew you growing up, that must be hard.  I can’t (and don’t want to) imagine.  I know, I will have to get used to the idea eventually for we all get old and that is one of the casualties.  But for now, for today, it is a great feeling to have my siblings who know my history and who know me.  This is another thing I am truly grateful.

As for my life,  I am grateful for a great many things.  My new found freedom.  My freedom from a marriage that was lost long before it ended.  My freedom from a toxic job giving me the opportunity to really find what I’m intended to do with my life.  And I’m grateful to blog (write) to all (or the few) of you.  If for nothing else, I can get my feelings out and possibly allow someone to learn from my life lesson.

Thanksgiving, a time for us to take stock in all that we have to be grateful.  My life lately has left a lot to be desired.  But, if you look down deep and you don’t even really have to look that deep down, I have a great deal to be grateful for and I am truly blessed (and rich) in deed.  Thanksgiving is truly about all that you have and want to have, it’s about the people in your life that have truly given a part of themselves to you.  And for ALL of them I am truly grateful and thank God to have them pass through my life.


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