Has H.G. Wells’ Time Machine Suddenly Taken Us Back to Pre-1920?

In light of recent debates on birth control, abortion, even rape, I’m faced with asking myself this question: has the time machine from the popular H.G. Wells novel suddenly materialized?

In a wonderful article by Evan McMorris-Santoro, entitled How The GOP Went Back To The 1950’s In Just One Day, (I’m paraphrasing here) Republicans are essentially stating that modern women are not qualified to discuss their own sexual health and dress like “whores.”

I disagree with one minor thought; the GOP hasn’t merely pushed us back to the 1950’s.  They successfully returned us to before the 19th Amendment which allows women the right to vote.  All in a days work.

I seriously cannot believe what I’m reading and find that I have so much whirling around in my head that it is more an issue of where to start.  So, taking this one issue at a time, let’s start on the first issue of birth control and the ‘morality’ of it.  But first I would like to take a brief look at our history.


U.S. Congress passes the Comstock laws, making all forms of contraception illegal. Still, the contraceptive industry flourishes. Products are marketed as promoting “feminine hygiene.” The Comstock laws stay on the books until 1965.

Margaret Sanger opens the first family-planning and birth-

Margaret Sanger Deutsch: Margaret Sanger (* 1879)

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control clinic in the United States. Nine days later, police raid the clinic. Sanger serves 30 days in prison.  Sanger is also the founder of Planned Parenthood

1920s to 1960s
The most popular female contraceptive is Lysol disinfectant. Ads tout it as a feminine hygiene product and include testimonials from European “doctors.” Later investigation by the American Medical Association shows these experts don’t exist.

Even worse, Lysol is found not to work as a contraceptive, and several women allegedly die from using it, while others suffer severe inflammation and burns.

The FDA approves the first birth-control pill, Enovid. Within two years, more than 1 million women are taking it. But research links the pill’s whopping levels of synthetic estrogen to an increased risk of heart attack, blood clots, and stroke, sparking panic among pill users.


Jennifer Erickson, a 27-year-old pharmacist in Seattle, gets tired of telling female customers that their insurance doesn’t cover birth-control pills, so she sues her employer for not covering it. She wins the suit a year later, sending a message to employers nationwide that a failure to cover the Pill is sexual discrimination.

As is so typical with many in this country and what many have  forgotten through all the “political” and “religious freedom” being debated on this subject is that lower-income women were dying from having too many children.  A scenario that would go something like this: their doctor would tell the couple that the wife should not have any more children or else she’ll die, abstinence is the only way.  And, since women were considered chattel and not individuals, often times their husbands would have ‘urges’ and, as his ‘urge’ was satisfied, she would get pregnant and… need I say more?  Out of desperation, many of these women would try to self-induce an abortion, which would most likely lead to infection and possible death.  When you think about it, the average family size was six or more in poorer homes (more children, more money to be made once they got to a working age).

Bottom line: WOMEN WERE DYING!!! I’m not saying that this was the only reason for birth control (of course not).  But don’t sit there and talk to me about morality, especially when we all know that most of the men are ruled by that appendage dangling three feet below their brains.

Throughout history, birth control could be either legal or illegal depending on whether a particular Regime needed an increase in bodies or a decrease in population.  It had more to do with the narcissism and duplicity of leaders than morality.  For instance, in the past if things were tight (i.e. famine)  birth control would be persuaded. On the other hand, when youth were needed for war, birth control was restricted, outlawed.  This is all over our history time and time again.  And women were held victim to their reproductive systems again and again as if they were nothing more than ‘breeding’ machines.

The hypocrisy of this issue, NOW and then, would be hilarious if it weren’t so dangerous.  In 19th Century Britain  where the Malthusians, to control the population tried to promote Birth Control, though in this instance, the idea was opposed through a variety of Socialist and religious groups.  Again, let’s not talk of morality and start calling this what it is, control.

As for abortion, you all know how I feel about that.  If not, let me direct you Right To Life – How About The Right To A Full Life? Not Just 40 Weeks.  But now the GOP is turning back the clock yet again on Rape and how we view it?

Last week an eleven year old girl was gang raped by eighteen (count them ‘1’ ‘8’) teen-aged boys and all this Florida State Rep., Ms. Kathleen Passidomo could say was that it was due to her dressing like a twenty-one year old.  Are you F…ing kidding me?!

And here lies my main point of issue.  Until we see RAPE for what it is – VIOLENCE – we will never get this straight.  Bottom line is that rape is an act of violence, not sex. Simply put, it is one body being used as a weapon against another.   I am a survivor who was in my home, minding my own business wearing a green velour cowl neck sweater and corduroys (whoa mama, where was my pole?).  I can safely say that the rapist cares zilch about what you wear… it’s all about what is going on in their sick little brain and we can’t do anything ANYTHING about it.

These 18 guys most likely were drunk or high, did it on a dare or it was the “mob-mentality” where they were goading, persuading, instigating the others.  Hear me people when I say RAPE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT YOU ARE OR ARE NOT WEARING [period].  I don’t care if you are a prostitute, I don’t care if you’re naked.  Unless you actually have consented (said yes, not NO), you’ve been raped.

Men, nowhere in the English language (or any other that I know of) does the word “NO” cross over to, look like, resemble, can be mistaken for, the word “yes”.  Clue number one “NO” = 2 letters; “YES” =  3 letters.

Men, you need to get control over your own sexuality and your tempers and know what it is to be a Man; and  mothers?  You need to raise your sons to respect women and to have enough self-respect so that not only will they NOT go along with any GANG activity, but to have the guts to stop it.  Yes, I said you!  It all starts in the home.  But this is a subject for another post.

What has happened to this country?  What has happened to the women of this country that we can so quickly turn on each other and say things like, “she deserved it, she shouldn’t have been so drunk”  Or, “she should never have placed herself in that situation” or, how about, “if I had a man beating me I would just leave, it can’t be that bad; she’s making it up.”  Yes, even domestic violence; on this issue we somehow have to chime in our two cents.  Stop it!  In cases such as these, women need to stick together and support one another.

How can you seriously look at this (at any of this) and say it’s ok?  How can we ever blame the victim?  Stop it and wake up America!

In closing, this is my body… MINE! And I shall decide when I wish to have children and when you place your penis in it… Got it?  Good!


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