Right to Choose; Birth Control – Think This Will Stop There? Think Again! (rrre bit!)

Well, here we are again.  And again, women must hang on to their crotches!  As we protest, write letters to our congress reps, senators (does this really make a difference?), we are inches away from losing our Right to Choose.  Not only that, we could lose our right to birth control.  What next?  Oh… I get it… we now must leave the work place so that our men can have careers while we go back to the kitchens.

I know, laughable… but this isn’t so farfetched.  So the question of the day is what and why is this happening now in the twenty-first century?  And why women; why are we the target?  Control!  This has been the way through the ages and in all industries.  Thankfully there are the men who care for the women in their lives and who are just as angry and joining in protest.  There is a huge difference from the peak of the Suffragette’s Movement at the turn of the twentieth century just prior to the 19th Amendment; we have many of the men on our side and don’t have to convince over half the country and the world.

However, there are still huge risks should we remain silent.  The Right was so quick to refer to the Nazi regime in their comparison with what they consider ‘Progressive’ (i.e. human rights).  Let me paint a picture of a group of people who, by not speaking out, thinking that ‘surely things will never get any worse’, found that the silence was not only deadly; the act of remaining silent would be the atrophy of an entire nation/culture and its citizens.

The Nazi’s didn’t fulfill the insanity of their ‘final’ solution instantaneously.  It was done gradually; one right at a time, one small, possibly insignificant (causing one to think “alright, I could let this go…”), process added or taken.  Remembering the example of how do boil a frog – by placing it in cold water and increasing the temp gradually to boiling… the frog gets so accustomed to the ever-increasing temperature that it doesn’t understand what is happening until too late – this too was the hope in the beginning so as to quiet the citizens and the world; thereby creating that infamous “how bad could it get” attitude.

I in no way mean to minimize the holocaust, nor do I wish to be overdramatic.  I don’t think I am in this example.  Rights are rights.  And when a segment of people are targeted (which they are… women are being targeted here, make no mistake), SOMEONE needs to be dramatic as this seems to be the only way to get anyone to wake up.  But when we remain silent we are causing ATROPHY of our civilization.  What I mean is that when we stand back and say to ourselves, “oh, I guess birth control doesn’t necessarily HAVE to be insured… that’s ok” or “oh, an ultrasound is innocent enough”… when we sit back and, knowing from history where a group of testosterone induced men have decided that they long for a better life of long ago and will risk life and limb (ours) to get it, we are no longer using our brains, our ‘fight’.  Like the frog, we are thinking we are enjoying a Jacuzzi or Sauna for free.  But in this case, we end up paying a heavy price – our liberty.


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