Nearing Month Three… Who Is This Lover Man Anyway?

We are nearing month three and Honey and I are still blissfully in LOVE with each other.  This last weekend we were like

Love is in the air ! Literally !!

Love is in the air ! Literally !! (Photo credit: kalyan02)

two kids at Christmas as we had the house to ourselves for the first time in what has only been three weeks; but honestly it felt as though we’ve not been alone together for months!  You see, my brother moved in with me over Labor Day and, although I enjoy living with him immensely, there is a certain ‘freedom’ Honey and I feel when we are alone in the house, just us two (if you know what I mean?…)  We have been in sheer bliss.

Call it love, lust, hormones (hormones?  Psha!  I think mine sweated out with the last hot-flash);  No, Honey and I are definitely in love.  When Honey pulled up on Friday evening after work, it was all I could do to not wrap myself around him.  So, instead, I ran out to meet him and fell into his arms at which point, for the rest of the weekend, we were virtually inseparable.

This ‘love thing’ is quite the drug, isn’t it?  I’ve been so damn happy, almost in a state of euphoria.  Just the taste of his lips or the smell of his breath or the feeling of his arms around my waist can send me into ecstasy.  I’ve never felt this way, ever.  And you know something?  It’s about time!  Hello!  I finally know what all the hype is about.

This man, this wonderful man tells me daily; no, scratch that… not daily… More like on a moment by moment basis how much he loves me.  Now, if telling me doesn’t get the point across, he shows me.  Through his eyes with each look and in his touch with each embrace.  Not only that; he dotes over me and tells me how beautiful I am.  And if that doesn’t get through my thick skull, he makes sure that I hear it from anyone around us.  For instance, if we are in a restaurant or getting a coffee at the Starbucks, Honey will often ask the person serving us, “doesn’t she look beautiful today?”  To which they reply, “Yes”, with a smile of course (he is cute as a dickens and, besides; what else are they going to say?).   He is just so damn sweet!  Now, not to belittle the point (I don’t want to argue with the man) I’m alright looking, but when I’m with him I feel like a super model; not because he tells me and is quick to tell me that everybody else thinks so too.  It’s the glances we share from across the room or the way he reacts at the sight of me in an outfit he really likes; he makes it a point of letting me know just how beautiful, or how sexy I am in his eyes and there isn’t a day or a night that goes by where he’s not reminding me of that point.  Men, you could take notes from Honey.  This is what women want, more than money, flowers, diamonds (those are all nice, mind you); we want to know, and to see, how you feel about us, what you are thinking about how we look and how we make you feel.

Honey and I spend many a night just lying in each others arms talking; talking about life, our past, our future.  He tells me how much he loves me and how crazy he is for me and I tell him how much I love him (I am just as CRAZY for him).  But it is in those moments, when we are simply talking; it’s then that I drink it in and know this is for real, this is the relationship I’ve been dreaming about.  I can now watch all those romantic comedies knowing that I’ve achieved what they have.  I’m not just watching the protagonist, I AM her!  The one who got her man and living the ‘happily ever after’ life.

Happily ever after is where we are headed; however we both just came out of some rocky times.  Coming from humble beginnings himself, he took me to his hometown and showed me where he grew up.  It was a modest home and the family, the whole family, had to work to earn money to live.  Honey showed his son and me where  he worked with his sisters in the vineyards as a child.  He demonstrated how he and  his sisters would have to prune back and tie the vines (a tough and grueling job, especially for a child so young) and he explained the harvest and the various steps of the picking.  In that moment, as he was telling us of his childhood and as I was learning more of his background, in that moment there

Le raisin est mûr, Bosdarros, Béarn, Pyrénées ...

Le raisin est mûr, Bosdarros, Béarn, Pyrénées Atlantiques, France. (Photo credit: byb64)

was a pride and love for him that grew deeper and deeper.  There was a certain pride glowing from his face as I watched him explain every detail to us and while he explained all the little details of the business, the  industry and its people.  He and his family had worked so hard and it was clear to see the fruits of their labors standing before me.  Honey is a man of honor and people flock to him, that is no accident.

He tells me that I make him a better man; but, how can you improve on someone so precious and rare to begin with?   This wonderful man is someone who walks this world with a certain zest for life while carrying with him faithfulness, humor and charm on his daily journey.  And when he laughs, there is a certain gleam in his eye as he smiles.  As I said, every day I see or hear something new about him that draws me in closer and closer.  Be it his humor or his tenderness; I can’t help but to love him with everything I’ve got.

On our first date I told him that the way to my heart was through laughter; to which he admitted to me later that he secretly said to himself, “yes!”  And he’s had my heart ever since, because there hasn’t been a day that has gone by where he hasn’t made me laugh, smile, chuckle or sigh… I can’t think of a better way to spend my life, can you?


14 thoughts on “Nearing Month Three… Who Is This Lover Man Anyway?

  1. Nope — I can’t think of a better way for you to spend your life. I am sitting here at my computer and reading your post, I smiled. “This is lovely,” I’m thinking, “She has what I hope for.” I have always believed that when you truly want something, so find those who have it and you send them nothing but the best energy to flourish with that “thing.” So I’m sending you all my positive energy that you keep feeling this warmth, this laughter, this fulfillment. And although my wishes may be indirectly self-serving (sorry), with every word I’ve read on your blog, I strongly believe you deserve this feeling.

    • Thank you so very much! What wonderful words and I will take your positive energy (self-serving or not… lol). We all deserve someone like my Honey… yours is out there somewhere; somewhere when you least expect it… Thank you also for the ‘follow’; I appreciate the support and look forward to seeing you back again…

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