It’s Nearing Kimball’s Birthday… I’m a bit Melancholy

Candles spell out the traditional English birt...

It is that time where we have the holidays just around the corner (yes… they are!).  And, more importantly, my birthday is just around the corner.  But most importantly and I think the biggest reason for my melancholy is the fact that my sister’s birthday is just a week away.  More memorable is my birthday, in that, she would always “spoil” me.  When I say “spoil” I don’t mean spending a large amount of money.  What I mean is that Kimball would always make a huge deal out of my birthday.

She would make sure that there was a celebration and that I had plenty of presents to unwrap.  And the presents weren’t

A lot of birthday presents

A lot of birthday presents (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

necessarily expensive  by any stretch of the imagination… but they were fun!  I remember the first birthday I had without my husband; Kimball made a point of having gifts for me when I awoke.  And the following year, she made reservations for Ruth Kirsts Steak House.  She made sure that there were flowers delivered to the restaurant… everything was perfect!  She always knew the perfect thing and it didn’t matter about money; it was the thought.

I’m going to miss that.  For the first time in my life I won’t have that special person to “think” of me at my birthday or Christmas or Valentines Day or any other holiday (because Kimball always thought of us siblings for ALL of them).  And I’m going to miss that.  I will do my best to “pay it forward”; but still… not the same.

What I have been focused on is the fact that I have a fabulous job; a fabulous MAN!  And what is turning into a FABULOUS life!  And I do believe Kimball is looking down and that from where ever she is; she is “spoiling” me with all these gifts that she has bestowed upon me.  Many of you might say that the good Lord has bestowed these on me… I happen to believe that these have come to me by way of Kimball.

Potato/potatto; you think what you want and I’ll think what I want.  For now, today and at this moment in time I shall continue to say thank you Kimball and Happy Birthday!  I will forever Love you!


2 thoughts on “It’s Nearing Kimball’s Birthday… I’m a bit Melancholy

  1. I’m sure her spirit is influencing your good life right now…Den and I believe that his mother’s and my dad’s spirits are, and have for several years now, influenced ours enormously for the good….we’re all the Lucky Ones…..

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