At LONG last! My beloved! Yes, Hour; you are back!

Yes!  That wonderful time, where the leaves are falling, a chill is in the air and we get a glimpse of the holiday light show that is about to be as, yes, you guessed it, we TURN THE CLOCKS BACK one HOUR!  I must say, this (as if you haven’t guessed) is my favorite time of year.  It is as if I’m given a special present each and every fall.  As if to say “Hear Ann, just for being born and for being so magnificent, we would like to allow you that extra hour of ‘beauty sleep.'”  Hogwash of course, and to many of you, I would suspect you might think a bit egotistical…  But this is my blog…

No, this is a magical time of year.  However; there was the issue with my birthday; which, I survived!  And did it with flying colors (I might add).  Honey managed to make it extra special with a wonderful dinner and fabulous presents, flowers.  My friends were wonderful too.  I have a wonderful friend who I used to sing with (she has become my ‘touch-stone’) and she called me the morning of to check in…

I’ve gone through a slurry of emotion these past several weeks.  Especially in the last couple.  What, with Kimball’s birthday, then with mine; but I made it through.  My sister Elizabeth has made it out and has planned a wonderful dinner with a small intimate group of close friends and family at some swanky restaurant in the City.  So, there will be some celebration of this ‘half century’ mark.

So, I have been worried about the fact that I’m reaching the ‘half century’ mark and am basically starting all over.  So many people who are my age are successful in their careers.  This got me to thinking; what measures success?  And I’ve often written about this (probably because the question comes up so often with me).  So, what does measure “success?”  Is it the job?  The career? The family?  The car, house, lifestyle?

Or, is it your happiness?  Making that choice each and every day to be happy with the life you have.  No, monuments won’t be made for me and I seriously doubt I’ll be remembered long after I’ve gone; but is that what’s important?  What about our days now, in these moments we live each and every day?  What about the impact we make on each person we pass each day?  Whether they be people we work with or people on the street; perhaps there in lies our successes.

So as I look back over my life, one might say I’m the ‘Jack of all Trades’ while skilled at none; sure.  But my love I feel and compassion I hold is rooted deeper than most and my lust for life runs so much more passionate.  I walk this life looking at all sides of an issue, while holding to my principles and beliefs.  Still, at the same time, keeping myself open to the possibilities that there is always another way of looking at something.

My successes might not ever be measured by the material things I acquire, they may only be spiritual.  Only?  Let me rephrase that; they may be spiritual and on the pathway to a better human being, or soul.   Don’t get me wrong, the ‘stuff’ or ‘things’ are wonderful to have.  Just as it is wonderful to have enough money to where I don’t have to worry.  But I refuse to measure myself by this anymore.

So, I guess one could say that this is my birthday present to myself…  (finally huh?) this new realization and new reality for me.  Below is something I found from  I hope you will enjoy it.

True success is being you

There is great value in who you are. Let it flow into all you do.

Success is not really a matter of getting this thing or having that experience. True success is being able to live each day as the beautiful, authentic person you are.

True success is being you. True fulfillment is a life spent doing what you know is important and meaningful.

When you compromise your integrity, you lose. When you speak and act and give and live from your heart, you win.

Instead of striving to impress others, do those things that will genuinely impress you. Live true to your own highest standards, for they are the ones that really mean something to you.

The treasure that is your life is unique in all the universe. Fully live, enjoy and fulfill the richness that comes from the honest, beautiful reality of who you are.

— Ralph Marston


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