The Proverbial Phoenix – I’ve Risen From the Ashes

As I’ve said many a times, bad things happen to us all.  Each of us have or will come upon, at some point in our lives, challenges that will cause us

Phoenix Commission

Phoenix Commission (Photo credit: Martin Whitmore)

pause.  Sitting for a moment and think, “Why me?”  And to this, I again ask, why not you?  We often look at what happens to us as either ‘good’ or ‘bad’; when in reality it is simply LIFE.

It is my belief that we have been sent here, all of us, to experience this wonderful planet Earth and all its glories.  We are also here to have fun doing it and learn everything we can while we LIVE.  So how are we to experience ‘Fun’ while we are in such horrific experiences?  That is a question that can only be answered individually.  For me, I looked at the fire as the Universe’s way of answering my continuing question, “How am I ever going to get organized and get through all this junk?”

Many of you might think me absurd, but think about it.  I did have quite a collection from this life of living that surely would have taken up most of my storage.  It was causing me quite a bit of stress thinking about all the time it would take to go through all the items it took me a lifetime to collect.  I met with my adjuster and walked through my old apartment today, some items made it (like the chest of drawers from my fathers WWII bunk, and our family mahogany Low Boy that dates back to the Civil War).  But so much is gone, vanished (up in smoke).  All those items that defined me, the girl I was; all the theatre reviews and pictures (my wedding pictures) are gone (all my high school year books, gone), so, now what?

I’ve written about ‘cross-roads’ (which way do I turn?) and ‘starting over’; it would seem that the Universe (or God) has made this new path that I’m to follow very clear by clearing the brush to make it that much more visible.   So, I am the proverbial Phoenix rising from the ashes and will embark on my new life, taking new photos and meeting more new fabulous people.

Not one person on this earth is immune to the challenges of life.  Some might find themselves faced with a diagnoses of a life threatening disease, others might have a child fighting for their life, others might be piecing their life back together after a tragic storm like Sandy (this list can go on and on…); but I believe that there truly is no ‘bad’ that through all of this, there is ‘good’.  For the person who has been diagnosed with a life threatening disease?  They might get reunited with an estranged family member or friend, or perhaps through this diagnosis they learn some magnificent things about themselves and can, therefor teach those they come into contact.  For those having to watch a child fight for their life, they might be greeted by an anonymous gesture of generosity and kindness or simply people coming together for support in ways they hadn’t thought of (again, learning of the value of the human connection).

We have no control of what happens to us, we can only control what we focus upon and how we choose to react.  I joked with a friend of mine that the day of the fire, as I was sitting in my neighbor’s living room, I saw this group of people approach.  “Ma’am?  We are with the Red Cross and would like to go over a few things with you, it should just take a couple of minutes.”  I was thinking, you’re for catastrophes, I’m not a “catastrophe!”  But, I was… I was in a two alarm fire and, according to the Fire Chief, I was very lucky to have made it out (I think he said that had I been in there 1, maybe 2 minutes longer, I would have perished; it had exploded/flashed).  Wow!  Certainly places a different spin on things.

My point being, challenges are many in this life.  I don’t mean to belittle anyone’s demise by any means or to be glib.  I’m not; my heart goes out to anyone suffering and finding themselves facing that fog you get in whenever you are faced with any catastrophe or difficult news.  However, I am saying that, based on my experience, there are a great many miracles that will pop up along your rocky trail and that your life will be different (it supposed to be… Life is change).  But life does go on, all around us and we must make it a point to remember that this life, no matter how challenging, is to be met with enthusiasm and the will to live it through.  (you will make it to the other side).

My ashes are both figuratively speaking and literal.  What are yours?  I’m here to tell you, you will rise.


4 thoughts on “The Proverbial Phoenix – I’ve Risen From the Ashes

  1. This was Wonderfully Written!!!!! I wish we could get This One out to more and more people….I do want you to include your wonderful ones, like this, on your Tulip Foundation Page somehow…as a link in some way, or something, to help people through hard times….Kat

  2. I always love what you write. You have such a broad perspective on the crises we all face and you always manage to come through the event smiling with gratitude. Regarding some of your lost treasures, I have a plan as soon as I return home. I’ve been saving some family items I know you will enjoy. Having a few roots around gives one additional strength to grow.
    I’m so happy to have deep roots and I know you enjoy that also. Add another layer of growth to your individual tree and soon it will be blooming with new life, leaves, and blossoms. What a wonderful gift you are!!!

    • Thank you Claire! I can’t wait to see what you have. As always, I thank you for you continued support and love through all these challenges. As for you? You are who I strive to be… My mother would have been so proud of you…

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