When Opportunity Knocks – I… (I’m so confused)

So many times we go about our daily lives, hoping that one day we will have it all.  One day, we will get our big chance, our big break.  Then it comes and…

Carrossel - Busch Gardens

Do we grab it with both hands and run forward?  Or do we stare at it until our eyes are crossed?  I’ve been given an opportunity to do something that I think will give me so much by way of experience and it would truly be something that I would – not just enjoy doing – LOVE doing.  It is the opportunity of having a spot on a local non-profit radio station.

Now, it is just starting out and, therefore would be on a volunteer basis; but, who cares?  I would get tons of experience under my belt.  And it would be a journey that would be oh so thrilling – like going down the rapids.  So what am I worried about?  I am planning my proposal and know the show I want… But I’m fretting over the time slot, can I do it – what if it gets in the way with my singing?  What if I disappoint those that I sing with?

Seriously?  I haven’t had more than the gig that is coming up on the 19th.  I might have more to come, but those aren’t guaranteed, and this is part of that ‘taking in the oars and allowing’; isn’t it?  I truly am so very excited at the prospect.  I had chills and was so thrilled being in the studio with my friends the other day.  As they allowed me to speak and to announce the lineup – I was thrilled!

So, here I go again with my questions.  What is it that I’m afraid of?  It’s not the time, it’s not the commitment; I know I can do it.  Why do I do this to myself?  Well, I think I answered my own questions.  I’m going forward and will let the chips fall where they may.  I will make the adjustments around my schedule as I see fit.  I will make this work.  It will work I just know it.

For once and for all I am allowing all that is good into my life…  Hello Opportunity – won’t you come in?

BRASS RING SHINING is a poem about making leaps of faith all of the time…simply, all of the time….


Where Alex lays
his young blond hair
on the satin pillow
and never sings again

never lifts the guitar
writes the notes
tells the funny joke
laughs his gentle laugh

Where Dixie lays
her quiet love
wondering, at times, where
she lost the chances
for happiness

not knowing happiness
well enough
to understand
quite how

to grasp the brass ring

let us
you and I
place flowers on the
grass of their young desires

that rarely had
and rarely gave
leaps of hope
of faith
of love

one single chance…

let us rest together
on the stairs
and not be afraid
to go on
without their lost
hands and eyes

let us forgive them
for being less
than the bringers-to-be
of love for us

for themselves….

we had so much to give them
had they had simple needing

so much love to surround them
had they had need for arms
around them

they could give
a bit, another bit…
but could not grasp
in sweet abandon

at all the flowers
all the brass rings
we held out to them
on the merry-go-round
we call life….

we must forgive them
for not being enough
even for themselves

must hold each other

in wonder

that finally
when childhood is far away

we can ourselves
grasp brass rings together
our hands reaching together

catching the prize
in each other’s love…
a gleam of true gold
and kept promises



2 thoughts on “When Opportunity Knocks – I… (I’m so confused)

  1. This is sooo exciting!

    Like with my free lance writing, you have to build your platform and the radio station is just that.

    I’ve learned if I rush too far ahead, the questions come. Take a day at a time. If and when a few obstacles come along, maneuver around them and keep going.

    I am excited for you!

    Wishing you great success and all you’ve dreamed of,


    • Oh Kathy, thank you so very much for your encouragement. I will do just that. All is happening and is happening for a reason. My friends are so very dear and I count my blessing for all my opportunities…

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