Changes – Embraced; they can be the best thing for your image

I’m sitting in my hair salon with my head covered in foils and color goop; and I’m filled with anticipation about the huge change ???????????????????????????????????????that is about to take place with these strands known as hair that so eloquently frame our face (or can horribly mangle our image).  A hair cut – though hair does continue to grow, even after death – can make us or break us.  A ‘bad hair’ day can define our day’s destination just as clearly as the reading of Tea Leaves.

We place so much personal stock on the image of our hair.  So much so that the Styling industry is a 43 billion dollar industry; what, between schooling, stylist, and products.  And, if you are anything like me, the color of your hair might have more to do with the seasons of your life and less to do with simply covering your grey.  For me, I’ve changed my hair color so many times that when asked the color of my hair, I must first read what the color label is on the box first.

I’ve been Sandy Blonde, Ash Blonde, Light Brown, Ash Brown (don’t ask me the difference… have no idea…)… I’ve been Brunette (Brown), Black, Auburn, Flaming Red and back to Golden/Warm Blonde (with high and low lights… huh?).  Many have asked if Blonde’s really do have more fun.  To which I reply, it all depends on my mood.  This girl has had fun in all her shades… But the men changed depending on the shades.  Those that preferred Blondes had a different demeanor than those preferring Redheads…  Those preferring the flash of a redhead had much more fire themselves… therefore, wanted that fire in their women.

Now, the men wanting the Brunette?  They wanted a housewife.  Someone that was safe; the ‘Mother figure’; well organized and able to make the play-dates and the PTA appointments.  Now, preferring Blondes, well that’s a whole other animal.  A blonde is said to seem more fun, affectionate; playful (don’t shoot the messenger ladies, I’m just revealing what I’ve experienced).

As for me; I ended up with a sassy short do… short around the base and long at the top and really blonde (yep, I’ve gone back).  What effect this will have on the men I meet, I truly have no idea.  I’m loving this new identity though… I’ve got new nails (toes and fingers) too, and a new nose ring (shaped like a flower this time (my last one melted down in the fire).


Changes are life’s constant that I’ve always had trouble keeping up with.  However, changes with my hair, my appearance (toes, nails) are always up in the air (and I love it).  I used to do it more… being a performer it was one of those prerequisites.  Actress’ always seem to enjoy changing up their appearances (well young actress’ anyway).  But once you get into the ‘Corporate’ world, those changes can be frowned upon.  So, for me they slowed down to about once every five years or so.

What I seem to have forgotten is how delighted I feel (exhilarated is more like it) with these simple changes.  I mean, certainly, had the hair style gone awry, my whole day (or weeks following) could have been completely tainted – nothing like bad haircut (forcing one to face a multitude of bad hair days… oh the torture!).  But, it didn’t.  And I truly feel FABULOUS!  I’m amazed that I’ve forgotten the one important person in my life; Me.

So, making this ‘short and sweet’, I cannot forget that one friend (best friend) that I hold dearest; Me.  As I’ve said repeatedly, when I/we ignore that, our most important relationship, we do start to wither… Be kind to yourselves starting this week…

We all deserve to cherish time with our best friends… ourselves.  Life’s short.


4 thoughts on “Changes – Embraced; they can be the best thing for your image

  1. It is always great to feel pretty and have some changes make you feel like a “new woman!” I love to have my toenails freshly painted but have not had my nails done at a salon. When I put on sandals, love new colors. I have had red, auburn, ash blonde and medium brown hair. I have never fully gone blonde! One of these days!

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