Not Guilty? Are you kidding?

Normally I try not to get  wrapped up into the politics of the cases in this world on this post (well, not too much).  So, my apologies.  However, in recent events, I have to ask.  In the case of Trayvon Martin; are you kidding?

The Chicago Tribune News

I’m having great difficulty with this.  How do we make peace?  I am reminded of the words of our Dear Dr. Martin Luther King:

“If you have weapons, take them home; if you do not have them, please do not seek to get them. We cannot solve this problem through retaliatory violence. We must meet violence with nonviolence.  Remember the words of Jesus:  ‘He who lives by the sword will perish by the sword.’  We must love our white brothers, no matter what they do to us. We must make them know that we love them.  Jesus still cries out in words that echo across the centuries:  ‘Love your enemies; bless them that curse you; pray for them that despitefully use you.’  This is what we must live by.  We must meet hate with love.  Remember, if I am stopped, this movement will not stop, because God is with the movement.  Go home with this glowing faith and this radiant assurance.”

And still I ask; is there a way through this muck?  I hang my head in shame.  More to come in my article on


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