Grief in Haiku


Tears, puddling pools

Grief envelops me; too close

We are confidants

Pals, soul mates, best friends…

Not forever, but for now.

Egress grief, dawn life!

The above Haiku came after I found myself under those trees crying… I was out running errands and magically  wound up in front of Kimball’s house (seen above).  I proceeded on to doing my ‘inspections’ of the work that needed to be done and then collapsed into tears.


3 thoughts on “Grief in Haiku

  1. I love my brothers with all of my heart. One put me on his handlebars to take me to marching band camp and the other wrote about me when I went off to college, saying he had lost his “best friend.” I appreciate your expressions of grief. Someday, I hope never, but I may have to deal with grief in some form, I will hope for someone as sensitive as you are to listen!

    • What a wonderful thing to say! And you will need to deal with grief, no ifs, ands or buts about it. It is one of those unfortunates about this life that we must all face at one time or another… The wonderful thing about God (or the Universe) is that they have a way of placing the perfect person/people in the circumstance just when we need them most. That is what I’ve found.

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