Love Myself – Day 10

Here I am again…blank.  I know I didn’t need to write that, but I thought I would journal all that is going on in this process.  Ah!  I can always edit it out later should I choose to do so.  That is the beauty of being a writer; listen to me, calling myself a ‘writer’.  As if I were up there with the likes of… see?  Blank.  Who am I kidding with all this?

I have dyslexia, something that wasn’t discovered until I was a Sophomore in high school.  I had a fourth grade reading level – FOURTH GRADE READING LEVEL!!!  I laugh when I hear of all the requirements on these poor kids today – a topic for another time perhaps.  Anyway, after much determination and a great teacher/tutor, by the time I finished my junior year, I finished with straight A’s – all four quarters. 

Now, I did my homework and studied (my ass off!).  However I should continue by saying that I was also studying (memorizing) lines for a part or two (or three), one of them being Martha in Who’s Afraid of Virgina Wolf; I also sang in choir at school (we were preparing for a contest in the Spring) and two choirs at church.  So you could say that I had my share of extracurricular activities as well.

I guess the point to all this is that I’m determined.  Once I see what I want, I usually get it.  If what I have needs fixing, I fix it.  I find whatever or whomever to assist me, but I’ll get it done one way or another.  Determination is one of those traits passed down from our mother.  There were no big speeches with her, it was just a silent understanding.  Yep, determination; DETERMINED… that be me, and I love that about me, helps me know that all is going to be ok some how.

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