Love Myself – Day 13

Old Faithful Calf
Image by Nomadic Lass via Flickr

I know I keep saying it, but this challenge truly gets me thinking.  The fact that it is so difficult for us to find all that we love about ourselves is astonishing – I know, I keep harping on this fact (and will for it is so unbelievably crazy, isn’t it?).  But, it is what it is.

Here we are, day 13 of my challenge and tonight I found myself captivated with the moon.  I get that way about everything with nature.  I LOVE nature!  The moon, stars.  The way the ocean looks after a storm and how it glistens in the sun.  The colors of it against the sky and rocks and sand; simply breathtaking.  Or a river, same thing.  The colors of the green water rambling over the rocks, through the brown hills against this spectacular color of blue that is our sky; again, breathtaking!

There was one morning, I was out for my usual walk.  This was a few years back, when I was quite a few years younger and was (obviously) still married.  It was early in the morning and I walked along this canal trail.  Certain times of the morning/day/evening a person would find more company than they had anticipated and this morning just happened to be one of those times.

So, I got onto the canal trail, hiked up the steep grade and onto the top where the view was that of the cities and their buildings.  The canal backed up to a few acres of land (ranch land) with cattle and as I was walking by there was the most precious site I had ever seen in my life that it stopped me in my tracks.

A heifer had just given birth to a calf, who had just gotten up on all fours.  The look on his face was simply saying “what the f@$k have I gotten myself into and who the hell are these strange beings?”  Haha!  I laughed and giggled so hard.  It was honestly the most precious thing I had ever seen.  He was still wet and his big eyes were following everyone as they walked back and forth.

After my laughter went to a giggle and calmed to a smirk, I began to ask myself, “can’t they see this; what’s wrong with them?”  Can’t they see the miracle that just happened?”  This wonderful animal had just given birth and nobody even noticed.  They were so wrapped up in keeping their heart-rate up  and getting back in time for whatever it was they had planned for next on their agendas that they completely missed this miracle of life.

So sad.  See, I don’t miss those things (thank God), I make it a point to notice as much of life and all that we share this great life with as possible.  Like sitting along side a river and seeing a flock of ducks (mamma and her chicks) all paddling  upstream.  They move so swiftly and are so cute.  Or going down in a raft and seeing a Blue Heron just standing on a rock and waiting.  Or how about floating by a Bald Eagle‘s nest?

Female bald eagle on an egg, Missouri.

Image via Wikipedia

So many things I’ve seen just out and about.  But it was because of my appreciation for my fellow inhabitants (inhabitants of all species…plant and animal) and simple nature (landscape, rivers, lakes, oceans, rocks, mountains, hills, etc…).  Now to many, if it’s not on a computer device or in a book or gossip magazine then they have no use for it.

To me, I can spend the better part of my weekend (or weeks) just watching nature.  And, though this might not be a great quality to have if you are trying to launch a career, it is a quality I love about myself.  Many talk about how much they love animals, but I truly LOVE all animals.  My preferred vacation is still camping and I still prefer to fish as opposed to shopping (honest!)

Goose River

Image by Mr. Hermit via Flickr

I’m an observer of the big things (who wouldn’t be?); but mostly, I observe the little things and find humor everywhere I go.  That is a wonderful quality and one I do love about me…

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