Love Myself Day 17 and 18

I’ll start this post with an apology, our computer caught a little cold…yep the old virus attack again.  I was unable to get anything other than my post from the day before out… so here I go – two days rolled into one –

Here I go, first off, I would have to say that I love my eyes.

My eyeThey just happen to be my favorite trait and have been for as long as I can remember.  They sparkle when I laugh (or so I’m told) and have this quality of changing color.  They are hazel  so they will change from golden brown to dark green, depending on my mood.

I chose my eyes for other reasons as well.  It is that I can usually see qualities in people that are unseen by other’s.  I can see the face behind the mask – if you will.  Some say that I’m just too sensitive, but I think it’s much more than that.  My mother said that my father had this quality too and I believe my siblings do as well.

I see beauty in people who might appear unattractive to most of society.  I find that once you speak with people, look into their eyes, all appearances transform and their true self – true form –  comes through.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen this go the other way around and have seen some real ugliness.  It can be very frightening especially when there is nobody to speak with for consolation.  But my eyes tell no tales, they see the truth and reveal my soul.  That is how they are meant, is it not?  The eyes are the doorway to our souls…  Or something like that.

One of the last times I saw my mother, I used to go visit on my way home from work – just about her dinner time – and hand feed her.  She was in a memory care unit at an assisted living facility and by this time she was unable to feed herself.

So many times I would feed her, she would look up at me as she took her mouthful and grin.  Sometimes we would make a connection, sometimes not.  This last time, I spooned up some of her meal, she looked into my eyes as she took the mouthful and in that moment, in those few seconds I knew.  I knew that she knew she was living her nightmare and never let on.

The eyes are truly the pathway, I saw grace that day I fed my mother and can only hope that that is what people find – or will find in me.

As for another trait, as a girl I had hated my lips.  There were what we called ‘Liver Lips’ or ‘Blobby Lips’.  However, in this age of Botox an Lip injection, I am SO excited that my

English: Silhouette of lips

Image via Wikipedia

lips are still full.  So much so, people ask where I’ve had mine done.  To which I reply, “these are home grown…100%”

Thank you God for my Blobby Lips!

2 thoughts on “Love Myself Day 17 and 18

  1. Last night, I was talking with a woman who is taking care of her mother with M.S., and I am reminded of how we women are the caregivers. We give and give and give, often with no thanks, but, we keep on giving. Imagine how wonderful the world would be if women were in charge of it’s care! – Kaye

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