Love Myself – Day 19

Hey, almost to the halfway point.  But is that how I should be looking at this?  I’m sort of hearing a Ward Cleaver lecture going off in my head “Now Ann, challenges such as these are meant for you to dig deep and find that which your mother and I know already.”  ‘Yea, but dad, if you know that stuff already, couldn’t ya just keep telling me until I have it memorized and that sorta thing?’…  “Ann, there are many times when we grown ups don’t want to do the things that we know will help us in the future; but once we do, why, we end up feeling all that much better.  You understand?”  ‘Sorta, er ok dad.’  If only we had Ward and June to keep us in check, eh?  But we don’t.  I do look forward to my posts, yet feel a bit celebratory as I reach the milestones.

With the holidays just around the corner, I’ve been having a blast decorating my sister’s place and must say I have quite the knack for it.  Definitely something I love about myself (what do you think?).  

I started helping my mother around the house when I was a little girl and as I got older, I worked with her for Moskatels (now many know it as Michael’s).  We used to sell hand-made bows for $9.00; made to order.

Anyway, it truly is something I enjoy and keeps me out of mischief.  I was actually able to make a few bucks decorating homes over the holidays back in the early 90′.  The unfortunate part was that I didn’t want to decorate another home for as long as I lived.  You know what they say, if you love going to Disneyland, don’t work there.

Obviously I got over that hate and thank God, it’s something I do love and love about myself.

And always loved about my mommy – you’re still with mom, I love you Tulip!

2 thoughts on “Love Myself – Day 19

  1. Beautiful! And celebrate the milestones in this challenge! You’re almost half-way through, and while I’m sure you’re looking forward to the end, celebrating not having to dig so deep, you’re also celebrating the fact that you’ve made it this far, and that’s a wonderful thing! Enjoy your success! (o:

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