Love Myself – Day 20

Hey, hey, hey!!!  Can you believe it?  I’m at the half way point (shut up Ward!).  I’m gonna enjoy this and savor it.  For a while it seemed to be getting a bit easier; however, here I am again – Blank.  I think the trouble is that I want so much for what I write to be profound in some way.  I want to give you, my readers an “ah ha!” moment.  But has that even happened?  You know, it’s a bit lonely on this end of the computer.  Without the comments (good, bad or indifferent), we, the writers, have no idea.

I’m looking at my hands; scars and all.  My left hand seems

English: Female hands.

Image via Wikipedia

to have really taken its fair share of bangs.  But what really puzzles me is that I see my mother’s hands.  It reminds me of a line out of that sit-com that was a huge hit in the 70’s called Alice.  This was where one of the characters, Flo says “I knew I was getting old when I went to put on my favorite cardigan, placed my hand through the armhole and saw my mother’s hand coming out the other end.”  That line cracks me up to this day because it is so true.

I don’t love my hands for their beauty; no, they won’t win any contests.  And you won’t see them in any of those Dove commercials (maybe in the ‘before’ shots).  But I will say that I love them for what they can still do.  They are flexible enough to make a floral bow or tie in garland.  You know, you must tie garland to a nail or something to keep it from falling out of place.  And precise enough to make any arrangement (floral or dried).  They can hammer, saw, drill just about anything that needs to be fixed.  And as for gardening, they are perfect for planting, raking and digging.

While the a fore mentioned is fantastic and I will always be proud; I am my mother’s daughter after all.  They can also cradle my little bird when he needs to be moved.  Oh he


Image by gwilmore via Flickr

hates it more than anything.  But he barely makes a sound as soon as he realizes it’s not going to hurt.  My hands can be rough for the tough jobs and gentle enough to cradle and move my little bird.

Plus they are rocking this sparkling nail polish right about now… YES!  Let’s hear it for the female hand!  Mine especially rock!

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