Love Myself – Day 03… Grace

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Today was met with a phone call, “Good morning”; I answered.  “Ms. MacGregor?  This is Josh letting you know that the crew just left and they should be there in about thirty minutes.”   Shoot!  They’re earlier than I had hoped!  Oh well, let the day begin.

The ‘crew’ of movers consisted of two young men who spent most of the morning moving boxes and prepping my furniture and finally getting it all into the truck.  But what was so refreshing was how genuinely kind and charming they were, and in view of behaviors I’ve faced lately, surely this was luck and I left it at that.

We then moved onto the storage place, our first stop before my final destination and we were met with yet another extremely helpful and charming young man.  After I got all the paperwork in order and got back to the storage space, I sat by the truck while they moved the rest of my belongings.  During this time, my mind wandered and I realized how blessed I was about the days events.  Now the move was clearly going to cost me double what I had initially budgeted and, I would be lying if I said that I didn’t start to worry.  But, these personalities, these people made up for it somehow.  Was it ‘luck’?  Or interaction?

The whole morning could have played out in a completely different direction.  I could have chosen to be rude and condescending.  Thereby causing a far different behavior from my two movers, which would have given us a far different service at the storage facility who admitted to refusing teams from this particular moving company due to “attitude”.

I’ve rediscovered that no matter my circumstance, people are still people to be honored and to be treated with respect and kindness.  Which reminds me of the story of my mother who died of Vascular Dementia.  This was a woman who, knowing she was living her own nightmare, still treated everyone with kindness and greeted them all with a smile.  She was a woman with grace and I always said that when I ‘grew up’ I wanted to be just like her.  Perhaps I’m more like her than I knew.

I think this is one of the things I love most about myself and it is something I don’t ever want to lose.  Grace.  What a wonderfully beautiful trait.

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