Love Myself – Day 36

Much of my life has been influence by the people in my life (mostly my family – my immediate family).  So, I thought I fitting  to take a look at those traits I have and really think for a moment and dedicate my remaining articles/posts to each of them.  After all, it is these traits/talents that I am grateful, but those individuals that I owe most of my gratitude.

Arts Theatre

Image via WikipTo start, I thought I would start with the sibling that has taken the most abuse from me as far as her "princess-like" behavior and really lay it out for you.

Although it is true that we weren’t the closest of sisters growing up, I would not be the actress or performer I am today without her influence.  To paint a better picture, as a child (and I’m pretty sure I’ve written about this in prior posts) I had severe learning disabilities that caused great concern.  Needless to say, school/reading was not my strong suit and put me at the center of much ridicule.

Now the theatre was where I could escape, I could pretend and come to find out I was quite good at it.  I was able to play different people and through my sister’s shadow, I got to know the local directors, which allowed me a leg up in the casting of some great productions.  Honestly, this would not have happened had it not been for Elizabeth’s own love of the theatre, her passion and watching her perform was contagious to me.

It was my cure and it was the one thing that I honestly excelled at.  I love that ability about myself and I LOVE my sister for her influence and for her continued generosity to that end.  For I continue to audition and continue as a singer in my area.  She on the other hand gave up acting way back in college (says she just didn’t have the ‘bug’ like I do) and is extremely successful as a consultant.

There is so much more she has given me through the years (obviously) and to say that I am not grateful for all of it, well… that is obvious and needs nothing from me.  I love you Elizabeth and always will.

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