Love Myself – Day 4

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On this 4th day of the 40 day challenge, I spent much of it in reflection.  First, I have to say that this challenge does seem to bring out the positive.  It forces a person to look at at least one characteristic each day (1 POSITIVE, loving characteristic).  That’s how I am interpreting it anyway.  I did something similar to this sometime ago with regard to my body image.

I’ve always had issues with my weight and not unlike most women, I too had a scale that was far too truthful.  It would betray me by showing every ounce I’d gained from that gallon of ice cream I had so astonishingly over eaten the night before (traitor!).  To make matters worse, my clothing would have the audacity to shrink!  Size was just a number (or so I would tell myself).  And so the battle would continue and as it continued on so did my self esteem; right down the drain.  Since we seem to wrap all this together and call it “beauty”, I made it my quest to look at one (1) asset each day.  There had to be at least one; right?  Be it my eyes, my hair; it didn’t matter.  What did matter was that I would concentrate on that which I found attractive about myself and focus on it.

Everyday, while I got out of the shower and got ready, I would focus on a new asset.  Eventually I started wearing clothes that actually fit (not too tight or too loose).  I decided that the most important thing was that I feel great in whatever it was that I was wearing and that I look great too (but of course!).  And you know something?  It worked like a charm.  Before I knew it, I felt better and better about myself.  My eating habits changed, even if they were ever so slightly; they gradually changed for the better.  I felt pretty again.  Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

So, with this I figure it’s the same principle; at least one characteristic to focus on.  Nathaniel Branden – author of Taking Responsibility (among others) wrote about his wife and what he loved about her.  He loved the fact that she was truly the happiest person he knew.  Largely because she would concentrate on one point of happiness before she went to bed.  She would hold that truth and meditate on it.  Therefor I write these as I close my day.

I would have to say that today I’m reminded of my tenacious search for improvement.  The improved way of looking at something; looking at myself, at an idea.  There is always more than one way to see something.  And as we age, so does our view.  It was only a few weeks ago that I lost hope, but I’ve since found it again.

Yea, day four and I’m feeling better already!

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