Love Myself – Day 7

Golly, I was tired today.  I did not want to go out this evening.  But I did; and you know something?  I am so glad I did.  I had an engagement with a friend, a dear friend that I hadn’t seen in some time.  There is this Open Mic  gig that I sometimes participate in and they were doing a special holiday diddy.

I hadn’t gone in a couple of months for various reasons (mostly because I’d been in such a funk) and then with my move…well you can imagine.  But I went.  I was really glad to have gone.

My friend was quite blown away to discover that I was the person writing this blog (I’m writing under a pseudo name) and proceeded to tell me how well she thought I wrote.  I was extremely humbled coming from her especially.

So, I guess in a round and about way I would have to say that one of the qualities I love about myself is that I’m still girl enough to be bashful and shy about my talents.  Now, that can be taken too far and I’m dealing with that.  I do realize that at some point I will need to talk with someone and get serious and sell myself.

But, it can be a good quality to not be so wrapped up in yourself and to still be bashful enough.  So, I love my humility.

Short and sweet… I’ll do better tomorrow…

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