Love Myself – Day 8

With all this ‘love myself’ stuff, I was thinking how wonderful it is that I still have that hankering to fall again.  That’s right folks, I still catch myself day-dreaming about that one guy that makes my stomach feel like butterflies.

Well I doubt anything will ever come out of him and I.  But there is this one guy that I’ve gone out with and I have to say, every time I see him it is a huge drink of water for these tired eyes.  I would do just about anything for him.  But he’s of a different faith (not that that matters to me…I think it is more of an issue with him and his family) and I don’t think he thinks of me in ‘that’ way.  But it sure is nice to dream while I can.

I just love the idea that I could fall in love again and that I just might be ready.  I’ve always been a girl who loved being in love.  I drove my mommy crazy with all the boy talk.  But that’s who I was and am and thank Goodness!

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