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Started in the fall of 2010, this blog was a way for me to journal and open up for discussion, my marriage, separation and, now, divorce.  So, I started this site as a way for me to discuss my journey to ‘singled-om’.  However, looking back and forward, I can honestly say that within this journey, I am finding my voice; my light.  That light I kept hidden under a bushel these past 20 plus years.  So now I discuss all that this journey teaches me in the hopes that I can inspire and shed a differently light on some of the very day situations.

I go by Nora Lane Pratt as this is a combination of the great women who shaped the foundation of my life.  Nora was the name of my grandmother and Pratt was the maiden name of my great-grandmother.  Ann MacGregor is a pseudonym of all those with me and before me – the name “Ann” is actually my middle name.

It is my hope that those who read this will do so with the sincerity that this site is intended and treat it with the tenderness it deserves. This is one woman’s journey out of a life she thought she wanted, to what was thought had to be, to the life that is, and finally to the one that she still hopes is possible… her own.

Most of my life has been spent on the outside looking in.  However, this new freedom allows me the choice to come in from the shadows and not only notice the reflection in the window,  but to admire it and perhaps at that time I’ll be able to come inside and spend life on the inside… not only looking out,  but living each and every moment; authentically.  Living life with my best friend, me.

Feel free to contact me as I would love to hear from you – or leave a comment…

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  1. I stopped by to thank you for joining my blog and welcome you, and discovered a woman going through a powerful and wonderful journey that sounds familiar. The details of our journeys are different, but ultimately they are both authentic, real, and full of an unknown path to celebrating ourselves. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today… it was a pleasure having you and thank you for the feedback, as well. I enjoyed reading what your blog was about, it shows a woman of great courage and strength; both of which are great qualities to have during the journey you have found yourself on. I know that you will grow into the woman you desire to be, and I look forward to following you on your journey. The best of luck to you. 🙂

    • Thank you for stopping by. I am glad I started this journey, it has helped me peel back the onion to uncover my own flaws and talents I’d forgotten were there. It has not been easy but has been very much worth every tear. For through every tear is a heap of laughter. Thank you again.

  3. Hey Finding Ann MacGregor,

    Thanks for liking my page. I had to stop by and read your blog and I am endeared by your description. I found out recently that I need to find myself and I am slightly scared of the type of honesty that I will have to admit to myself about how I feel about my youth. Starting June first and for 15 days thereafter I will be keeping a journal to explore me and I am not quite sure if I will blog on it yet. I find you absolutely brave about publicizing your challenge – I am not quite brave yet. I will be checking in on yours for some inspiration. Thanks!

    • The Tosinteatime… Thank you so for you encouraging words (it hasn’t been easy as I’ve had my ups and downs); but comments from readers such as you makes my efforts that much more rewarding. The rewards are not just for me… though this is my journey; it is for people to know that they aren’t alone. That there is someone (albeit little ole me) out there that might be going through some of the same things.
      I hope I can bring some humor and some thoughtfulness to what I write. Thank you again and I hope you will be back.


    • Another note… readers are pretty forgiving and thoughtful. I’ve found that we are all going through similar situations. You might just want to give it a whirl… you never know.


    • Thank you so very much and I do accept the honor and challenge… you have a wonderful blog and I encourage all to stop in and read it (and follow it!). Thank you again!

  4. I, too, was in a difficult marriage (for 15 years), but finally broke free, and in many ways, that’s when my life really started. So I wish you all the luck in the world.

    • Thank you so very much. And I can safely say that my life is turning and I am discovering. It has been a wonderful journey. Thank you for coming by and I hope to see you again!

    • I haven’t as of yet… been slowly working on my house plants (keeping them green has always been a challenge). And so far so good! Next? What? What would be a good suggestion for fall in the Bay Area?

  5. Hi Nora, Good to find you. It is very important for women to find their voice! I’m so happy for you that you have been able to do that through this painful process. Blessings to you! Michelle

    • Thank you Michelle for popping in and ‘liking’ my Courage by Design post and for taking the time to comment. It has been a painful process but delightful at the same time… I do hope you will come back by again sometime… Ciao!

    • Thank you for popping in and for the follow… I’ve been quite sick and under the weather; once I can focus, I’ll be in to read yours (can’t wait…). Thank you again and look forward to see you back.

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