Love Myself – Day 11

Leila Megane (1891–1960), British mezzo-soprano

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With each day I delve deeper and deeper and to the surface comes something more that I rediscover about myself.  Some qualities I’ve completely forgotten – perhaps not forgotten, just didn’t look at them as special qualities.  I mean, everyone has them right?

But that’s not entirely true and besides, it shouldn’t matter because I possess these qualities and that alone should be sufficient.  I’ve asked this before and ask again; why is it so difficult for us to embrace those qualities that are good about ourselves?

We are entirely too eager to accept all that is bad; heck when it comes to listing, I bet our lists are double – no triple the length of our ‘good’ list.  This is a quality that I’ve been working on within myself to change.  I mean, if I can’t sell myself on my great qualities, how am I to sell a potential employer?

As I’m writing this, there is a CD playing of The Carpenters – their Christmas CD and I’m singing along with it.  I’m going to be bold enough to say I LOVE my voice.  It’s deep, smooth as butter and my range is over three octaves.   I not only love to sing, I love to look at the smiles of those I’m singing with and for.  It is a talent that I’ve taken far too much for granted.

As a girl I started singing as early as 4 or 5, they accepted me in the church choir before any of the other kids.  Still,  I just thought everyone could do the same, “I wasn’t so special”; I would think to myself.  But a dear friend of mine reminded me of just how wonderful it must be to have a talent like mine and how much she would give for that.

I used to curse this voice of mine though; can you believe that?  You see, all the lead parts were for Sopranos, not a Contralto – we do always seem to want that which we don’t have…true?  The highest I could go was Mezzo Soprano (a lower soprano).  Not bad, but still not a lead role.

As I’ve aged, I’ve realized that we each have our own gifts and my voice happens to be mine; special only to me.  My voice is my instrument and is something I rehearse and warm-up like any instrument.  It is a part of me that I truly love as it is one of the most defining things about me.  Most who know me and hear my name, immediately mention my instrument.  That’s a pretty good feeling now that I think of it.  They say to do what you love and the money will come…interesting thought, come to think of it.

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