Love Myself – Day 35

Bloodhund na krajowej wystawie w Rybniku - Kam...

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Again, my apologies for these delays.  Many times they simply can’t be helped and life goes on and I WILL continue until the project is complete.  So, Day 35 – or shall I say “Entry 35” – and the sun has been peeking out all day.  At this time of the winter season, when the seasons start to change (are just starting to) the air becomes ever more fragrant and it is at this time that I am so grateful for every sniff I take in.

The sense of smell is something that we use every day and rarely think of it.  Without it our food would taste bland and life would lose its luster (think about it for a minute).  Our sense of smell also gives us “total recall” when it comes to memory.  I LOVE my sense of smell and am so grateful for my nose.  It’s a honker, true.  But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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