Love Myself – Day 14

Old woman's hands tucked between her legs

Image by Horia Varlan via Flickr

Day 14 has been spent cleaning and clearing (how does a person collect so much in so little amount of time, I ask you?).  Anyway, I digress.  I came across some old pictures; “Gee, how young I look”, I thought to myself.  And then I did it (you know what I’m gonna say…), I went to the mirror and faced it, up close and personal.

I looked at  each and every wrinkle, my jowls that were starting to form, the chicken neck that was also starting to form (thanks Mom…).  The fact that I don’t have more of them I guess I have Mary Kay to thank for that (love those products!).  But the time is coming where these will become more and more pronounced and only plastic surgery will be able to help.

So, I spent some time in front of the mirror saying I love you to each and every one of my wrinkles, sags and jowls.  Hey, without them I would have no character.  It is because of the laughter in our lives that we have what they call ‘laugh lines’.  And I love that about me, I love to laugh and I love to cry.  Without emotion I think we are stagnant and boring human beings.

So, as for today, I love my wrinkles; each and every one.  You know things could be a lot worse…  and even so we need to start seeing the beauty in what it is that Life has given us.  OUR life.  Use what OUR life has given us to help those that can benefit from it.   Not be ashamed of it, LOVE it; treasure it.  The beauty you have in your youth is luck.  The beauty you have when you are old is earned.

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