Love Myself – Day 28

This will most likely be a short and sweet post, though I hardly feel sweet – am still quite angry with myself over the events of the past few days and trying to sort out why I should take this out on me… – But until I do we will need  to keep these traits to physical.

You know something, I like my face.  I’ve got one of those faces that can wear my hair pretty much any which way.  I can wear it in a pixy cut – something I’m contemplating again this summer… shhhh – or I can wear it in a bob, I can wear it straight, curly, in a chignon – a bun that is low and in the nape of the neck .  I can be a red-head, a blond, a brunette, even pink.  I’ve even worn my hair in corn-rows and I must say I looked pretty hot for the day.  But my face can take many different styles and I can be a chameleon of sorts – perhaps that is what makes me such a great performer and actress.

Truth, I love being other people, other looks.

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