Love myself – Day 02

holding hands

This “Loving One’s Self” is a bit tricky.  I mean, it is oh so much easier to criticize than to simply accept that which we do well.  Or to accept our own limitations and that we may need help.  For instance, I’m in the midst of a move and feel that I’ve been procrastinating.  Therefor, it is my finding that I don’t deserve the help I’m getting today.  I know!  Crazy!  Because the truth of the matter is that I’ve been at the bottom of a huge depression, so much so that I’ve been too sick to get up (physically ill) and with the exhaustion that accompanies it.  My sister and friends have been kind enough to help me and I need to swallow my pride and accept their help.

My mother was the same; she never seemed to be able to ask for or accept help.  I think this must be genetic as all of us siblings seem to suffer the same disorder.  So, with this in mind I will accept my own limitations and know that we all have them.  And yes, we all need assistance through various stages of our lives.  This is what makes us “human” after all; right?

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