Love Myself – Day 32

“The foot bone’s connected to the…Ankle Bone;

“The ankle bone’s connected to the…         Calf Bone;

“The calf bone’s connected to the…Knee Bone;         And that’s the start of a great GAMM… – bum bum”

I don’t know; I love my legs.  Not like I used to – I used to have legs that turned heads… Now they’re just saggy – an issue that arises from being old and poor I guess.  But hey, they work, they still look pretty good for an old lady.  I still got rhythm and they can keep up with that rhythm.

They don’t need any assistance and are still quite flexible – only thing is, is that I need to get up and out and work on them…y’know; exercise?

Yea… I love my legs.

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