Love Myself – Day 33

With only a few days left, I have got to tell you, this is getting tougher and tougher.  But, I do love the fact that I have vision.  Yep, I’m working on my vision board everyone…watch out!

I mean, I was not only acting ‘as if’, to hear me talk – I was talking to none other than Mr. Frank Sinatra…he was on my shoulder enjoying my splendid hoop earrings  – one would think I was talking with the real estate agent and about to sign on the dotted line.

It sure was fun.  I know I’ve spoken about imagination, however I think ‘vision’ is a bit different.  I don’t know, maybe they are the same, but I think ‘vision’ is a plan to place into action.  The imagination leads to the vision.

Anyway, I was stumped, but not anymore… I am flying high and loving every step of this journey.  Tootles, got to get back to that board, time’s a wasting!

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